So last night was Superbowl Sunday. I didn’t watch the game. What can I say? I don’t have a TV, and I don’t really like the game all that much. If someone had called me up to go watch it, that might have been another story. I figured out that Tampa won when I heard fireworks going off around 10pm.
Nah, instead I got some laundry done, assembled my vacuum cleaner, watched a movie, and chatted with a few folks over irc and instant messenger. I’m beginning to think it’s not healthy to spend so much time in front of this computer. It sucks up my time, much like a TV might. I’ve got to get out and spend time with people that are here.
Julie wrote a bit the other day about the ratio of time she was spending in the past/present/future. I’ve thought about that idea over the past little bit. I’m something like 25% past, 70% present and 5% future. If that. I need to develop a plan that’s longer-term than “what am I going to eat for dinner tonight?”. Sometimes I don’t even get that far. I’ve got some big questions that need answering.