Tag: Adventure

  • Bike trip to Myakka Park

    So, last week I took a trip out to Myakka park on my bike and met up with Louis, Tori, Nkosi, and a few other friends. Above is a pano from the end-portion of our bike trip. You can click here to get the super-large version (5882×1421), which I created using Henrik Dalgaard’s $23 utility,…

  • Deep Dish at Ultra 2007

    Here’s a video I took of Deep Dish at Ultra 2007 last Friday. You might recognize the lyrics. The anticipation was palpable… I can’t think of a better way to kick off the festival. Please pardon the distorted bass, it was just too much for my lil Powershot G3. 😀 Song list: 1. Deep Dish…

  • Jazz in the Park

    Had a great time on Sunday afternoon at “Jazz in the Park” at Phillippi Estate Park, the opening event to the 27th Sarasota Jazz Festival, put on by the Jazz Club of Sarasota. Eric, Angela and Morgan, Donna and Marie, and Nkosi were there, and now you were, too 🙂