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  • Hallowe’en Gallery Posted

    Just a quick note to say my Hallowe’en gallery is now up! These are pictures from Mankow’s Pumpkin Carvin Party, an annual event (this was the first year I went). There were 30+ pumpkins under the knife! Click on the thumbnail to view.

  • Downtown waterfront, sunset

    So I guess those photos I took Wednesday night turned out after all: About 3 minutes to sunset. I’m pretty sure this guy was no longer living. So sad. Foot provided for scale. I sat on this ledge to take the sunset shot. Not sure if it’s always like this, but I found the amount…

  • On Football

    Well, if there’s anything I know for sure about myself, it’s that I’m social by nature. Given this is Florida, that means I need to know something about football. Given two cars selected at random from this city, at least one will have Tampa Bay Bucaneers merchandise attached to it. Get this: I have nearly…