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  • Hurricane Jeanne; Computer fixed; Ulti Championship Pics; Dodsworth; Jacoby Colliseum

    Remember how I said it looked like I was in the clear as far as hurricanes went? Well Hurricane Jeanne had another idea. Here’s are two tracks of Jeanne, separated by 24 hrs: Jeanne’s estimated path as of Friday, 5am EST. Source: NOAA Jeanne’s estimated path as of Saturday, 5am EST. Source: NOAA As you […]

  • Just published by Tourism Florida

    …though of course, for the time being it looks like we’re in the clear *fingers crossed* [Visit the National Hurricane Center]

  • Frances

    So… this afternoon, as I was checking what the weather would be like in Victoria for next Wednesday evening’s special event (more info soon!), Carlos happened by my cube and asked if I was checking what the path of Hurricane Frances. For those that don’t know, it’s looking like Florida is going to get hit […]

  • Charley, housewarmings, and Garden State

    So the weekend was much fun. Three things. The first is about what Hurricane Charley foisted upon Port Charlotte and the surrounding area. The second is about my Saturday night housewarming. The third is about Garden State, a movie I saw on Sunday. Charley. Boy, it really hit Port Charlotte hard. I went with Cam, […]

  • Cleanliness: next to godliness (and config control)

    Stopped by the Fruitville Starbucks Sunday. This time my cup-name was “Christian”. Guess I’d better start repenting!! 802.11-anything wasn’t set up there either… as it turns out it’s not one of the wireless locations (though given the number of tech employees within a 2 mile radius would be silly not to become one). Worked late […]

  • Post Charley

    I’m disappointed in Charley. All this prep work and it didn’t even come close!! Of course my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek. Indeed, after spending the last day over the Gulf of Mexico, Charley made a sudden jog toward the mainland after reaching North Fort Myers (50 miles directly south of here) and […]

  • Live from party central

    Over at Cam and Melissa’s now. Charley has since turned into a category 4 storm — winds between 150-160 mph. We haven’t seen those here yet, though we are seeing steady rain and incrementally stronger gusts. There’s a tornado warning right now for north eastern Sarasota. The eye of the hurricane is just south of […]

  • Pre-Charley Prep

    [Update, 11:58am Fri]: Added hurricane prep link. Went out to the grocery store at 9:30 this morning to pick up a few extra bits before Charley arrives. Things are still overcast outside, very little wind. Everyone was being extra-nice to each other, wishing each other a good day, saying sorry for just about any kind […]

  • Bonnie and Charley

    [Update, 9:33pm Thu]: Added third storm tracker picture of Charley. [Update, 8:29am Fri]: Added fourth storm tracker picture of Charley [Update, 10:30am Fri]: Added fifth storm tracker Charley pic. [Update, 12:37pm Fri]: Added sixth storm tracker image. Wow, so it’s hurricane time in Sarasota. Hurricane Charley’s just below Cuba right now and moving north quickly […]