Thanks for the kind comments and IMs over the last few days peeps. It means a lot to me.

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Archie Bowater Greenwell

My grandpa. My Dad’s dad. Died on Saturday while I was out camping. I found out late last night. I was numb to the words when I heard them, and I still am but there’s a dull pain inside me now growing slowly. He was a role model for me even though I’m only just now realizing it. He was 94.
I am sad.

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Davin trip ’06

Sunday brlunch
’06 already? Man. So as you might have guessed, I had a great time having Davin down last week. We got up to a number of things besides South Beach/Miami and WMC. We explored Lido Key beach and St. Armand’s Circle and its circus wagonwheels; the Mote Marine Aquarium with the giant squid, sharks, rays you could touch, giant sea turtles and manatees that wouldn’t come out of their corner despite the best pleas of the volunteers; drove all over town looking for an HBO series, Da Ali G Show on DVD, which we find at Video Renaissance; also took in a couple of Firefly episodes. And how could I forget our trip to Busch Gardens? We started the day off right by getting soaked by one of the water rides: kept us just the perfect amount of cool. I think we rode seven coasters by days end, including a wooden one that I think bruised my brain. Seriously. Okay, not so much with the serious but man — you haven’t… er… experienced all there is to experience with coasters until you’ve ridden the Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. Be prepared to be useless for about half an hour or so afterwards. Perfect time to hit the Hospitality House and pick up a complimentary beer or two, perhaps hit the Zambia Smokehouse while you’re at it and be sure to get their macaroni and cheese as a side. And finish the day by riding the Montu: pure high-tech fun, about as polar opposite from the Gwazi as you can get while still talking about coasters. Had so much fun we rode it twice — the second time in the front row 🙂
That was Monday night, and as you might know Wednesday is when we drove to Miami; Tuesday day we toured the plant and Davin got to see where I work; afterwards drove out 20 minutes to the north gate of Myakka River State Park to discover it was closed and we’d have to drive around to the south gate instead, then, almost canoeing, except it was too windy. Which in retrospect was okay, given the ‘gators looked hungry that day. Shortly after arriving back home, chopped up a whole lot of onions, chicken, tomato and added Patak’s curry sauce and bam! Instant curry. Except I think I made it a little too hot for a few people. To the would-be complainers: they say spices are good for your immune system, you know! You should be paying me! 🙂 Ha ha.
[insert WMC here]
Coming back from WMC, at 5:30am I set an alarm for 8:30, knowing that Melissa would likely call around that time to confirm the 9:30am breakfast plans we sketchily made while I was getting crushed at the Prodigy concert the night before. Not exactly sure what I was thinking, hah, but we changed plans and went for brlunch instead zipped directly from there to the airport.
Jam packed. But not enough time to go looking for shark’s teeth in Venice, or check out the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, or visit the Kennedy Space Center on the other coast. Or visit the Salvador Dali museum in St. Pete. Or go scuba diving in the keys. Or check out Key West. Or go to a Lightning game. Yeah there were a few things we didn’t get to. All that means is he just has to come back 🙂 Hee hee. All in all a great trip and my place felt eerily empty after he was gone, making me feel a little sad. But not for long, because now I know the power of TXTMSGING and can reach him whenever I want 🙂

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Text message party and more

Okay, all of those shots above are from Davin’s “text message party” he had while I was in Victoria. By text message party, I mean, nearly everyone there (except Neil, Anand and I), he invited over by using text-messaging on his cell phone. Pretty crazy, considering I don’t even have a cell phone. The shot below is of me driving down the oak-tree lined Shelbourne Street in Victoria, on the main route from my parent’s place to downtown.

A few leftover Photogroffee shots:

Calvin, Amy and I at the Moca House in Victoria

Smart cars were everywhere!

Sean at the Sticky Wicket Pub & Restaurant

Just that kind of night

[picture: tram at tampa international]
A view from the top floor of the Tampa International Airport parkade. The trams shuttle air passengers from the check-in/baggage terminals to the sattelites where the planes reside.
Cam & Melissa came out with me to Ultimate pickup tonight. Besides Cam clobbering Jennifer (the only woman of the 7 who came out tonight), the highlight of the night had to be after practice when Eric G, Bo, Cam, Melissa and I went out to get a bite to eat at that famous Florida eating establishment, Hooters. Melissa asked our girl — Katherine — for her shorts. “We don’t actually sell them,” came the response quickly. No, not a pair of shorts like the ones she was wearing, Melissa explained. Her shorts.
Melissa went on to explain she needed them in order to play this frisbee game, Ultimate. Katherine had never heard of it. Eric offered a demonstration of the game using Nutrasweet and Real Sugar packets. That didn’t go over very well. While we didn’t end up leaving with the shorts (I’m still trying to figure out how Melissa got her to agree to it in the first place), Melissa did give Katherine her number. So perhaps we will see the shorts on Melissa at some point after all. 😉

Family arrives

[picture: mom dad and neil getting off the greyhound bus]
So Mom Dad and Neil arrived from Miami tonight! After picking them up at the Greyhound Station (and by total coincidence, running into my boss picking up his Mom from the same bus my family was on), we ordered pizza for dinner from Cafe Italia. After picking it up, we were greeted by Cam at my door, inviting us to join him and Melissa down at the pool! We said we’d join them after doing a number on the pizza. Guess we weren’t quite quick enough though, since when Neil, Dad and I got there 30 mins later, the pool was bare! Hehe, oh well. We practiced swimming underwater. I’m getting better! By the way, Cam, I can now glide the short length of the pool!! Yay me! Hehe.
In other news, Davin made it back safely from a two week trip to You-Kay! I bet he had a right proper good time. I’m soo looking forward to seeing his undoubtedly awesome pics!
Now it’s to bed — the championship game for Manatee/Bradenton Ultimate League is tomorrow and I must be ready. Must… sleep… now! Okay bye. 🙂

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To Miami

Well, just a few more chores to do around Sarasota – hit an Indian food store, find a souvenir shop, confirm flight reservations – and then it’s a quick four hour hop down to Miami. I’m staying the night there to see Mom Dad & Neil off to Trinidad tomorrow morning. Hope your Monday is excellent!

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