Stupid lifting

My whole back has been killing me today. On the way home from getting groceries and picking up It’s All Gone Pete Tong from the video store, it hit me: it’s probably because of some stupid lifting I did last Thursday. Specifically, moving the TV. That sucker weighs a ton.

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You know you’re up too early when…

your mind refuses to stop servicing a dream you were having, even 15 minutes after “getting up”.
In other news, Mavis arrives from Edmonton tomorrow and I have all of next week off! Yay friend coming to visit! Yay vacation!

On the World Cup and Cirrhosis

A few observations on soccer, since this is the first time I’ve sat down and seriously looked at it. Of the five World Cup games I’ve seen so far, Croatia vs. Brazil tonight was easily the most exciting (and, strangely, the lowest scoring, Brazil with the only point):
(a) I’m amazed by how quickly the ball can change directions at high speed. Makes for some amazing ping-pong type action.
(b) Some of the footwork in the 1-on-1 confrontations is fantastic — fakes all over the place. Makes me want to work on my fakes for Ultimate.
(c) There are some real actors on the field. Watch out Matt Damon!
Also, fine krishenblog-readers-who-are-at-risk-for-cirrhosis (which as you know is the scarring of the liver tissues so as to make them non-functional through exccessive alcohol consumption) — by my estimates that’s about 99% of you — guess what? If you drink a lot of coffee, your chances of getting cirrhosis go way down. I heard it on TV tonight, right after a story about an Indian artist who likes to carve trees and roots into religious symbology, so it must be true. Oh, looks like Forbes has an article, too. Note, tea won’t cut it. See also Medical News Today and CanWest News Service.

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Balm Boyette

Hand-held pano of one of the beginner trails at Balm Boyette Park. Medium [1024×260]. Large [1600×407]. Huge [2506×637]. Stitched with DoubleTake.
I haven’t been much for posting as of late because I’m working 11.5 hour days. But it’s the good kind of long days, you know, where you’re making progress the whole time. So yay for that.
I did manage to get out on the weekend, though, and went mountain biking with Haley through Balm Boyette Park, about an hour’s drive North and a little East of here. “Mountain biking?” says you, “in Florida?” Yep. I wouldn’t have thought so either had I not seen it myself. The SWAMP Club,, has created a nice set of trails through forested and saw-palm land. From their webpage:

Boyette Park is situated on 4,900 acres of upland scrub, located just south of Brandon. About a dozen lakes populate rolling grasslands at the far eastern end of the property, with the remainder being heavily covered with scrub-oak and pine.
On the east side of Boyette Road are 12 miles of beginner’s level two-track circling the dozen or so lakes. Several intermediate level single-track loops branch off this main two-track. These loops are cut through the woods and along the lakes, and consists of moderately strenuous, more technically difficult trails. There are some open sections where a rider can gain speed, but for the most part, the trail is tight, twisty and tough. Oh yeah, it’s also great fun.

And that it was. Advice to potential trailgoers: bring lots of water. It’s freaking hot out there.

On the plus side I’m taking my multivitamins

Click the pic for a huuuge version (will open in new window)
The weekend was great — beach, friends (some new, some not), curry, great disc at the first tournament the city has ever had, BBQ and margaritas.
But now it’s time again to find some balance.
General life stress is on the rise… ack! Work deadlines are looming and housework (as well as sleep and diet) is getting, well, kinda shafted. Not good.
So first thing tomorrow, those dishes are toast!! Well. Hrmm. Maybe that’s my breakfast. Maybe I should have an apple?

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Awesome Thursday

A palm just outside my front door, as viewed from the second floor
Just wanted to wish everyone an awesome Thurday! Worked late last night, until 7pm, actually, got home, and chatted the night away with Jim and Ben. Ate dinner around 11:30pm, in bed by 2:30, up at 7:40. A solid 5 hours sleep! Ugh. I really need to find a way to convince myself of my bedtime — midnight. Perhaps I should take up evening runs again, now that it’s getting a little cooler?
How do you get to sleep on time?

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An “early” night

[picture: hydrants off fruitville]
Felt a little sick this morning at work, upset tummy. Talked to Davin briefly on the phone last night, Mom today. Also spoke to a CCRA agent at lunch. Don’t know what is? Lucky you! Let’s just say tomorrow I hope to clear out some tax issues that have been “on the table” (read: plaguing my existence) for some time. Hoooray!
Now it’s off to bed — it’s been calling me for the past two hours. Hope the rest of your evening/morning is pleasant!
Listening: Amanda Ghost – Filthy Mind (Peter Rauhofer Club Mix)

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Sleep Theory

[picture: granite slab at the end of the Casey Key fishing pier]
Observation: Getting lots of sleep does not eliminate desire for coffee.

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The Essential Mix. On Radio 1.

[picture: post-haircut]
Got my hair chopped! Feels fcuking fantastic! Just what I needed. Should serve me well during the remainder of this hot, hot rainy season.
Also today: fed Patches, learned the parts department at Gettel Nissan closes at 1pm on Saturday (in God’s name, why?!?), and did a truckload of laundry. Picked up some Aloe/vitamin e lotion for my left index finger, which I burnt in no small way on the oven rack last night. Conducted my first video-chat with Mom, Dad, Davin and Neil via the iChatAV beta. There were some minor sound issues (sometimes the high-end frequencies in Dad’s voice would disappear or I’d lose audio altogether — but they were relatively rare, and could have been the result of four different blogs also being served by the same internet connection) but otherwise, it worked pretty well! I’m sure these issues will be sorted out by the time the beta period finishes (around December). Now Mom and Dad need a camera so I can see them too. (-:
Tomorow: new clothes and a little disc ack-shun. Now? Folding of the futon and settling down to watch the DVD of Sphere.

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