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Experiment: Soy Milk

So I bought a litre of Silk Soy Milk tonight. While I’m not philosophically opposed to drinking the milk of a species other than my own, and I’m not on some vegan kick, I am pretty disgusted by the non-cow ingredients, e.g. recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, that exist in your standard jug of US-produced white frothy stuff. If you’re a Canadian scientist trying to determine if it’s safe, and you figure it’s not, don’t you dare tell anyone!
My first awareness that milk might not be the healthiest substance came in the summer of 1998 in Toronto, when I interned with IBM Canada. I lived with two naturopathy students — and at the time, I was going through about four litres of milk a week. I wanted to drink something healthy, so drink milk, right? It would disgust my roommates. “Milk will make you sick,” they would say. “People have been drinking it so long, they have no idea.”
I don’t like being sick.
After Toronto, I seriously reduced my milk intake, and stopped eating cereal, too. The primary consumer of this soy stuff will be my English Breakfast tea. I’ll be cooking the alfredo part of my spinach tortellini dish with it tonight, too. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Feeling better

After a day of mostly resting, I’m mostly better! Now if I could only convince myself that I should be tired! :O
PS — anyone guess where this picture was taken? Hint: in Victoria somewhere..


I am sick. Actually was yesterday too, but I didn’t stay home from work. Now it’s “official”. My nose is all stuff, i just feel weak. Back to bed!!
Hil was wondering if I had a sandwich maker or a “toastie”. Hope the product labelling clears things up a bit, haha…

Vacation: Update

Haven’t gotten a chance to speak with my manager yet. He’s been out of his office practically all day.
[update, 3:21pm]
Spoke to him. He explained that he had thought about it since yesterday. It is a really critical time for the company, and he has no idea what our need for resources is going to be at the end of the year. When our CEO originally floated the rumor about closing the company for two weeks, he wanted no-one in the building. My manager said that right now, he thinks there’s a 70% chance that the company will close — but that means we have two less weeks for testing.
He also said that I put him in a really tough position; that he is a human being too. He’d really like to be able to tell me that I can just go jump on a plane and go home. “When you originally asked,” he said, “I intended to get back to you soon.” He hadn’t because he doesn’t like to tell people no.
The feeling I was getting was that his answer was going to be no, but I wanted him to tell me that, so I kept my mouth shut. That’s probably a good thing, since he went on to say that at the end of the week, he’ll hear the final decision about whether or not the company is closing for two weeks. “You’ll be the first to know,” he said.
Cheers to that.

Shaving Holiday

Well yesterday was the second day of American Thanksgiving, so I had the day off.
What better way to declare my official laziness than to not shave? Well, I can think of tons of ways. My face feels gross!
Does this eventually go away?

Sleep dep

My lack of sleep lately finally caught up with me this morning, in a big way. I could barely get out of bed, and when I did, it was half an hour later than normal. I guess what’s what happens when you get an average of 5 hours/night for a week.
I think it was Rodin who said “nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”. When I’m sleeping, I’m usually squirming around under a blanket with my eyes closed — does that count?