At work late

But live streaming video takes the edge off 🙂

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Penguins vs. Lightning

Again, work hooked me up with tickets. Thanks guys 🙂 I brought Joy, and Neven came along with Jessica. Fun times had by all, even if the Lightning did lose two-nothing. Haha, ah well. Seeing Sidney Crosby fly by on the ice was really something.

Lightning vs. Bruins

Work was kind enough to bestow me with two tickets to see Lightning-Bruins up in Tampa. Great seats, too! I took Joy with me. The Lightning lost 5-3, but we had fun anyway 🙂

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Okay, this is just to get a few words down…

…on paper, because I think it’s the pictures that have been weighing me down the most. This here computer isn’t as fast as it once was, and I think iPhoto is beginning to choke at 29,000 photos.
Music: EM006 – 04-12-1993 – Future Sound of London, Studio Session (thanks Davin)…
Yeah as I alluded to the past entry’s comments, the past four weeks have kind of been crazy. Just in quick bullet point (and I’m not even going to make them proper HTML bullets, cause I just want to get it down):
-Sonia’s birthday party! (Jan 18)
-Going to the circus! (Jan 19)
-Photography meetup group with Louis & Tori (Jan 27)
-Hockey (Lightning vs Canucks, Jan 31)
-Hilary and Brian visit (Jan 31-Feb 3, Feb 8-10)
-I ask out Joy and she says yes, woohoo (Feb 14)
-Work gets crazy (Jan 4-Feb 19)
-I’m in Tampa for a week for our annual trade show (Feb 17-21)
-My team makes it to the city-league championships in Ultimate (Feb 21)
-I get pretty sick, first experience with a US walk-in clinic, turns out to be an upper respiratory infection (Feb 23)
-Hockey: Lightning vs. Bruins (Feb 23)
-Mostly better (Feb 26)
So there it is in a nut. I really need a new computer, hahah…
Update: Okay, the entry just didn’t feel right without a pic… this one is from Sarasota’s beautiful Lido Key Beach. Clicky clicky!

Lightning 2, Panthers 1

Had a great evening out on the company dime tonight; thanks guys. Went up to Tampa with Cassie, Cam and Yohan to see the Lightning take on the Panthers…. *The* premiere on-ice rivalry, as far as the state of Florida goes.
It was Cam and Melissa’s son Owen’s first game; he’s only 4 months old but after some initial shock at the sheer volume level inside the arena, he ate it up. So many looks and smiles from people.
It was an exciting game, a lot of back and forth on both sides. And thanks to the seats we were in, we didn’t have to worry about standing up to stretch if we wanted; there was no-one behind us.
All in all not a bad way to spend an evening 🙂 Some pics from the night follow (cilcky for biggy) and also a couple of videos I’m too lazy to make thumbnails for… check ’em out 🙂

Here’s the movies! This is a bit of text so you notice there’s something beneath the photos 🙂
Movie 1
Movie 2

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Canucks eliminated from 2007 playoffs

All she wrote! Thank you Vancouver!
I’ve only watched since the playoffs began, but what a ride.
And Luongo. I don’t know what to say, other than, WOW, and “I hope they pay you well”. You had an incredible game tonight (56 saves?) and for that matter, the whole playoff run. Thanks for helping the team get as far as it did.
Here’s to a well-deserved break. Looking forward to next season!

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Well, this just blows

Canucks now trail the Anaheim Ducks 3 games to 1 after blowing a 2-0 lead going into the 3rd period of tonight’s game. Can I cry now?

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And…. I’m back

Isn’t that exciting? Haha. So much for that daily posting thing, that just kind of fell apart — we got waaay to busy and I got waaay to tired, and those nights where I wasn’t tired, the hotel internet conked out.
So yeah. Who’s excited about the Canucks winning their series against the Stars? That was a tense game seven tonight — the last half of the third was full of ridiculous penalties, and there were more than a couple tense moments where Dallas nearly put the game into overtime. They ended up pulling their goalie though, and the Canucks managed to score twice more, finishing out the game 4-1 and taking the series 4-3. So now it’s onto Anaheim, which should prove to be a tough fight, with the Ducks winning three out of the last four games they’ve played against the Canucks.
Since we last spoke: Jeff and I explored a cave system in San Antonio (very cool) and ate at a couple more good restaurants, including a couple steakhouses, a big Mexican place downtown called Mi Tierra, and back to Sushi Zushi. And I picked up a few CDs too, which seems to be some kind of San Antonio tradition for me. I did the same thing last time I was there. This time around I explored a few of my favorite DJs from this years’ Ultra, picking up CDs from:
Danny Tenaglia – Global Underground 17 – London
Carl Cox – Global
John Digweed – Renaissance presents Transitions Vol. 2
I also picked up a fourth CD:
De-Phazz – Godsdog
One internet radio station that consistently amazes me is‘s Groove Salad. Quite often, a song on that station will catch my ear*. And, when it does, I write it down. And De-Phazz had been written down enough times, that when I saw their album in the used-CD section, it caught my eye.
It’s described as electro-lounge, and all I can say is, I love it. It’s this jazzy, techno-tinged antique-yet-new music, and it’s cool as hell. My favorite track from it right now is called Happiness. Check it out, I think you’ll like it.
Ack. Hiccups.
Well that’s probably a good spot to call it a night. With luck, more tomorrow.
Today’s photo comes from John and Ivee’s Sunday Morning Easter Breakfast.
*I’m strongly considering making a $50 donation to right now; a new ruling is threatening to put their operating costs through the roof.

Gasparilla 2007, Beach Crawl, Hockey

Picture this: left work at 7:15 tonight and it was still (very) light out. Went to dinner with Cam at Firehouse Subs; a conversation about software design takes us right to close, 9pm. A further conversation in the parking lot goes to 9:30. It’s dark but at 81 degrees, warm. I drive home, window down, radio on.
A great many things have happened over the past couple months I haven’t had time to share with you, so I made the decision on the way home to get a few of them down.
First: Gasparilla. An annual parade in Tampa in late January that simulates a pirate invasion of the town. Basically an excuse to get dressed up and drink in public. Oh and fire fake guns. And collect beads. A lot of fun, and, now, it seems, an annual tradition of sorts. Clicky for biggy.

There are many other photos and videos from that day, but those should give you an idea…
Brief interruption while I fight with Moveable Type’s cookies… there.. seems to be working now. There really isn’t anything much more annoying than needing to log in every second page!
Next up, a beach bar crawl organized by my friend Kris in St Pete in early February. I pick up Kosi and we head to St Pete Beach. At first, we couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Then, Big City spots us and Mankow answers his cell; we find him, and, simultaneously, so do about 15 others. We crawl four bars and retire to Mankow’s, where Leonard’s got a good fire going.

And finally there was hockey, courtesy work. Nice perk! Unfortunately the Lightning lost in overtime after tieing it with a shorthanded goal with 12 seconds to go in the 3rd! Great fun anyway 🙂

Anyhow I’ll leave you with those for now; it’s well past bedtime 🙂