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  • Water “Quality”

    Today’s tap water vs. today’s tap water, Brita filtered. Can you tell which is which? I think I can. Ugh.

  • New carpet

    About a year ago, I discovered I was allergic to my apartment floor. The theory was that one of the previous residents had had a cat. The reaction was much like what I get when I’m in a room that houses a cat: wheezy inhale/exhale, watery, irrritated eyes and given enough time, runny nose and […]

  • We Win!, An Inconvenient Truth, Serenity/Equality Now

    My Ultimate Frisbee team (aka “Butch’s Team”) won its first game of the season this past Thursday night, so I’m pretty happy about that. Yesterday’s 5pm pickup game at Lakewood Ranch got lightninged-out. Work is busy. A new schedule has been set, so the heat is back on. Friday night I saw An Inconvenient Truth […]

  • Apple juice

    Note to self: do not drink apple juice and forget about the glass.

  • Lease renewal nonsense

    I just got the yearly lease renewal notice in my door. Not only are they going to raise my monthly rent by $39 without any (stated) reason, but there’s also a note, a couple paragraphs later, that says: “the above rates do not include additional fees, such as pet, storage, parking, etc…”. Sorry, what? Parking? […]

  • Hats

    I have three of them (two baseball style, one visor). How are you supposed to store them? Is there some piece of furniture you can buy? I keep awkwardly moving them from place to place.

  • Oh glorious weekend, how I love you

    Well I hope you all managed to catch ER on Thursday night. If you missed it, Cam’s got a nice summary of how it all went down. 🙂 The weekend is looking great — this afternoon/evening, it’s a going-away party for MJ (we’re going to the beach, then later to a certain Indian Restaurant for […]

  • Nighttime walk

    1:21am. My neighbours getting in the Hallowe’en spirit! I like this shot, I think the over-exposure is a little creepy. Exp time: 1 second. Flash: No From my apartment, across the bridge that goes over the lake, to here. Exp time: 6 seconds. Flash: No. Click on the picture for a bigger image. 1:26am. From […]

  • Boom

    Just had some HUUUUGE thunder over here, so I got out on the porch and filmed some of it for your supernatural enjoyment. Crank it up!

  • Home again, home again

    Well, I finished redoing that file. Would you believe the same thing happened again, right when I was finishing up? This time, though, I didn’t lose all my work. Thank god. Unsane pr0ps to all my Vic kru heading to Kube tonight! If you love it, show you support it by spending your hard-earned cash-money […]