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  • At least it’s not cold

    Oh man. So I go to open the fridge this morning and notice something. That brought the total to two things I forgot to do last night:Turn the air conditioning on.Turn the oven off. My oven had been obediently keeping its insides at 400 F for the last 12 hours.The first one I figured this […]

  • When were you serviced last?

    Came home today to find two small pieces of paper on my stovetop which read: YOU WERE SERVICED BY AMERICAN PEST MGMT. TODAY. Took me second to figure out what that noise was about. I called about an ant problem last Wednesday, guess they finally got around to it! Heh. Do you plagarize your “about […]

  • Weekend update

    Saturday, October 5th, I ran 5k to help raise moolah for the American Cancer Institute or whatever they’re called down here. It’s the US equivalant of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Note: it’s waay too hot to run the whole thing in my current state. Perhaps that’s why they made it a walk. Especially when […]

  • Home furnishings

    Woohoo! Got a coffeetable and two end-tables today! They’re pretty sweet. All have glass surfaces, an oak finish and brass trim. Now I just need a couch… (Simon will be giving me half of his when he gets back from the wedding he’s attending right now in Winnepeg).

  • Futon Insanity!

    Last night, I got a dining room table and 4 chairs (all 70’s dark brown veneer chic), as well as a futon and mattress, free. Not a bad price. Simon saw a posting up by the mailboxes at Heron’s Run, so I had to check it out. Turns out the folks who were giving it […]

  • Major events!

    Well, let’s see. What’s happened since last Friday? A few major things. I’m gonna keep it short ’cause it’s 1:37am, and it’s a workday: -On Saturday I turned 26 (had appetizers and a jug-o-beer bought for me) -On Wednesday I finally got the keys to my mailbox -Yesterday two major things happened: (1) I got […]

  • Bought a bunch o stuff

    Went to Target yesterday, bought all sorts of goodies, including (off the top of my head): -a 12 1/4″ T-Fal saute pan -a lid for above pan -a set of 3 knives (8″, 5″, and 3 1/2″ blades, full tang) -a cutlery organizer -a plunger -a brush/dustpan -a set of 4 serrated knives -a shower […]