Sun rain

After a pretty dry spring, this pretty much summarizes the past month. Clicky big.

Dune – Rainbow to the Stars [4.5mb, 4:55, awesome happy hardcore, craptastic 128kbps joint stereo]

How to get iTunes to stop asking for your password on boot

I had this problem, and I have to say thanks to Apple for making their discussion forum available. Found the answer in about 30 seconds with one search for “password” within the iTunes category. The question:

Since updating iTunes to version 7.2, I am prompted to enter my password everytime I start iTunes. Previously, iTunes would load and go directly to the Store page or my library. I don’t recall changing any settings. Is this a new security feature in 7.2? If not, how can I avoid having to enter my password everytime I open iTunes?

And the response:

Just so you know, I was having this issue as well but on my Macintosh. It happened after I upgraded to iTunes 7.2 and/or Purchasing music at the same time.
Give credit to echobucket in another thread on this topic for solving the login request when starting iTunes 7.2. I’ve cut and pasted the procedure below:
Navigate to ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Downloads in your user home folder. If your downloads are already complete there should be nothing in that folder. If you see something like “list.plist” move it out of that folder onto the desktop or into the trash.

Thanks to Santijim for the solution — which worked like a charm — and to Ed Hayden for asking the question πŸ˜€

Feist – The Reminder

So I picked up a new CD, by Canadian singer/songwriter Feist. I first heard about her from an iTunes free single of the week, way back in July 2005, called “One Evening”. It was good — every time Party Shuffle would play it, I’d think to myself, “self, this is really good” — but not quite enough to make me investigate further. Then, sometime last year, PatrΓ­cia asked me if I’d heard of Feist, which was enough to ring a bell and make me search my iTunes library for it — yes, there it was, I had a single from her. And I guess that made a bit of an impression — who is this Canadian artist my Portuguese friend knew about but I didn’t? But again, not enough for me to investigate further.
Which brings me to last week. I saw her album “The Reminder” was in the top ten-downloaded albums list in iTunes, which again made me go “hmmmm’. Finally, I was in Target picking up lightbulbs, and lo and behold, there in the “Artists on the Verge” section of their CD display was “The Reminder”, for $9.99.
Into the basket it went. It’s a great CD. I’ve purposely avoided reading reviews of it because I wanted to get my impressions down here first. She reminds me at times of different people: the angelic qualities of Dido, the bluesy tones of Sarah Vaughan, the quirkyness/creativity of Bjork, the folkyness and harmonies of the Barenaked Ladies, and Metric’s keyboards. That’s some pretty good company. Needless to say I recommend you go out and pick up the album.

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And…. I’m back

Isn’t that exciting? Haha. So much for that daily posting thing, that just kind of fell apart — we got waaay to busy and I got waaay to tired, and those nights where I wasn’t tired, the hotel internet conked out.
So yeah. Who’s excited about the Canucks winning their series against the Stars? That was a tense game seven tonight — the last half of the third was full of ridiculous penalties, and there were more than a couple tense moments where Dallas nearly put the game into overtime. They ended up pulling their goalie though, and the Canucks managed to score twice more, finishing out the game 4-1 and taking the series 4-3. So now it’s onto Anaheim, which should prove to be a tough fight, with the Ducks winning three out of the last four games they’ve played against the Canucks.
Since we last spoke: Jeff and I explored a cave system in San Antonio (very cool) and ate at a couple more good restaurants, including a couple steakhouses, a big Mexican place downtown called Mi Tierra, and back to Sushi Zushi. And I picked up a few CDs too, which seems to be some kind of San Antonio tradition for me. I did the same thing last time I was there. This time around I explored a few of my favorite DJs from this years’ Ultra, picking up CDs from:
Danny Tenaglia – Global Underground 17 – London
Carl Cox – Global
John Digweed – Renaissance presents Transitions Vol. 2
I also picked up a fourth CD:
De-Phazz – Godsdog
One internet radio station that consistently amazes me is‘s Groove Salad. Quite often, a song on that station will catch my ear*. And, when it does, I write it down. And De-Phazz had been written down enough times, that when I saw their album in the used-CD section, it caught my eye.
It’s described as electro-lounge, and all I can say is, I love it. It’s this jazzy, techno-tinged antique-yet-new music, and it’s cool as hell. My favorite track from it right now is called Happiness. Check it out, I think you’ll like it.
Ack. Hiccups.
Well that’s probably a good spot to call it a night. With luck, more tomorrow.
Today’s photo comes from John and Ivee’s Sunday Morning Easter Breakfast.
*I’m strongly considering making a $50 donation to right now; a new ruling is threatening to put their operating costs through the roof.

My brothers on Beatport

When I need to find electronic music, I turn to Beatport. And Beatport just put together a nifty little widget that allows you to make your own embeddable player. Naturally, I created one with all the releases from AFK (that would be my brother Davin, for those not in the know) πŸ™‚ Click on any song title to hear it, and it’s a little hard to see, but there’s actually three pages of results there.. click on the “2” to see the second page, “3” for the third, and so on. The eagle-eyed will notice a shout-out to Florida State Parks on page two…

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

And here’s the songs from my brothers Anand and Davin collaborating under the guise Tiebreaker:

Go to Get These Tracks Add This Player

If you hear anything you like, buy it πŸ™‚ Not that I’m biased or anything… hee… post a comment with your favorites… (mine are currently “The Morning Star” by AFK and Dustin H, and “Dope Ride (Tiebreaker’s Green Machine Mix)” by C79).

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The Dead Milkmen – Big Lizard

Big lizard in my backyard
Can’t afford to feed him anymore
Big lizard in my backyard
Bustin’ down my neighbour’s door
I bought a big lizard
Only a dollar fifty
Well, that’s pretty neat
Yeah it’s f*ckin’ nifty
But I just can’t afford to feed it
And you should see the way it sh*ts
I’ve got a big lizard in my backyard
Can’t afford to feed it anymore
Big lizard in my backyard
Bustin’ down my neighbour’s door
I was knocked outta bed
Late last night
I was woken up by the sound of dynamite
I ran downstairs to find an army man
He said “We gotta blow up those things we don’t understand!”
There’s no more big lizard in my backyard
I won’t have to feed him anymore
No more lizard in my backyard
They shipped his ass to El Salvador!

iTunes Music Store
I bought the album for Bitchin’ Camaro, but there’s all sorts of gems on it.

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