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Cam & Really Cool Stuff

Cam is zonked out on the couch. Don’t think he’s used to the time change just yet. Although that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, ’cause he was just telling me half an hour ago about how it so doesn’t feel like 9pm.
Me: “What, so you feel like it’s six still?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Ah, I dunno. Guess it could be all the somewhat large dinner we had. Anyway.
Yesterday, after enjoying the soyscrambled pancakes I took Cam out for a tour of the area. We did a little housing research on the web first, but it was pretty tedious, because indeed, as predicted, Simon’s net connection got cut. So we were faced with using this random, unprotected wireless network being broadcast by some unknown soul somewhere within a 50 yards radius of my apartment. And likely close to 50 yards away, too, since the signal rates a lousy 2 out of 5 on the strength scale on average (though I did just see it pop up to three for a second there). One place, found through the classifieds, seemed priced a little too good to be true — and it was. Yep. Small, sad little apartment, situated right beside a run-down trailer park.
Now to be clear, I’ve got nothing against trailer parks. I lived in one for close to three weeks. They can be pretty nice! This one wasn’t. And yeah — an un-nice trailer park? It’s everything you’re thinking.
We checked out a few other apartments and nothing was really anything near his price range.
cam in front of house
Cam grabbing an info-sheet on a house whose price was way overinflated.
“Ah well,” I said, “we’ll print out a better listing tomorrow at work.”
And of course we forgot. Oops. Oh well. A good portion of work today was spent discussing the best way to restructure our CVS tree, and Cam had quite a bit of good input. So, although we don’t yet have a computer for him, or, for that matter, even a table for him to sit at, he’s making good progress. He’s got some of his stuff (a backpack, some books) stashed in my cube for the time-being.
Anyway, not that you’re here, I’ve got a couple more pictures from the night Cam and I went downtown to check out the art.
picture of Cam in tree
Cam bent the tree out of shape. It was really foggy out that night; you can see some of the droplets reflecting the flash.
It would have been nice to had a tripod for this shot, but I think it’s pretty yummy even without:

The high voltage fountain; it’s pretty cool — it changes colours every few minutes.

Cam bought cow moo today. It’s okay, I can forgive his feeble mind. And he wonders why his nose is running so bad. No, Cam, it’s not the sudden change in climate. Keep telling yourself that. See how things go.

Add one more thing to the list of stuff I really don’t need but really want: Dune‘s album Expedicion. Actually any Dune album will do. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Dune (again) ever since Mark M at work gave me the “Test Bronchial Resistances” scenario. See, he had this burning (ha!) desire to give me the file on CD, so I told him he’d “better not give me another disc with 32k on it like last time!”
So he threw eight Dune music videos on it.
Totally didn’t figure Mark to be the kind of guy to listen to Dune. Let me just put it this way — every time I walk by his desk, he’s either listening to Metallica, Pink Floyd, or AC/DC.
Turns out he discovered one song of theirs by accident on Kazaa, and liked it, so every time he went on Kazaa, he’d do a search for Dune again and kept finding more stuff he liked, and eventually he stumbled across their videos. That’s pretty neat. I didn’t even know they had videos.
Anyway, I’ve got eBay set up to email me when it finds something, so that’s all good.
What frivolous stuff do you want?

Trance May Be Hazardous To Your Health

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything audible — thought I’d share a couple of songs that you shouldn’t drive to.
“Come into my Dream” is a classic 1999 trance choon. Short but great!
“Sunrise” is a fantastic track. Not sure how I’d classify this one except as hard and trancelicious. I’m sure you could throw the word “progressive” in there somewhere too. 😀

Madonna – Die Another Day

Madonna’s made music I wanna dance to for as long as I can remember. She gets it. She did the title track for the latest James Bond flick, “Die Another Day”; you’d pretty much have to be pushing up daisies for this song not to tickle your groovebone.

mp3 [192kbps, 4.8mb]

The Crystal Method: “Community Service”

(Read Jive Magazine’s review)
What can I say? I love this album. I’ve had it for a few weeks now — a coworker lent it to me. Dark and moody, grabs you by the scruff of your neck and throws you where it wants to go. Track 2’s got a great sample in it; took me by surprise actually. Gotta say, I haven’t heard such a strong opener since disc 2 of Sasha’s GU San Francisco. If the first three tracks don’t make you want to hear the rest of the disc, something’s wrong.

# Track Name Artist Time
1 No Soul (PMT Remix) ILS 4:17
2 Cake Hole Evil 9 5:50
3 Breakin On The Streets (False Prophet Remix) Stir Fry 3:54
4 Morpheus (Meat Katie And Dylan Rhymes Mix) Koma & Bones 3:41
5 Funny Break (One Is Enough) (Plump DJ’s Mix) Orbital 5:20
6 Curveball Elite Force 4:00
7 Dude In The Moon (Luna Mix) Dastrix 6:04
8 Name Of The Game (Hybrid’s LA Blackout Remix) The Crystal Method 5:49
9 Boom (The Crystal Method Remix) P.O.D. 3:31
10 Trickshot Ceasefire 3:16
11 Renegades Of Funk (The Crystal Method Remix) Rage Against The Machine 3:55
12 Paranoid (The Crystal Method Remix) Garbage 5:23
13 Wild, Sweet And Cool (Static Revenger Mix) The Crystal Method 4:24
14 Hold Back Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes 4:38
15 You Know Its Hard (Koma + Bones Remix) The Crystal Method 6:40
16 The Red Pill Scratch D vs H-Bomb 3:24

After that, the compilation really starts into earnest Crystal Methody goodness. Breaks all around, thankyouverymuch! I must agree with the Jive review — this compilation really does leave you wanting more!