Kinda Sorta Fixing Broken Face Detection in iPhoto

The other day I noticed iPhoto stopped properly detecting faces. I said, oh, that’s kind of odd, maybe it will start working again on its own.
And I kind of forgot about it for a little while. A little while until I was using the excellent iPhoto Library Manager to split my iPhoto library in two. ILM doesn’t actually offer a “split” function, but you can create a new library and copy photos into it.
Which is what I was doing when I ran into this:
Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 9.31.42 PM.png
Naturally this dialog was a little concerning. So I clicked “View Log” and ALL of the errors were like this:

*** Error: An error occurred while copying face (null) for source photo IMG_8234.JPG (id 26650) to destination photo id 6029 (DB Error: 1 “no such table: detected_face_blob” for query SELECT * FROM detected_face_blob WHERE face_index=? AND image_key=?)

After a while of The Google coming up empty, I finally ran across this post by Christian Kalmar: Fixing a broken Face Detection Database in iPhoto. Just in case that link goes bad, the essence is, quit iPhoto, make a backup of your photo library (lucky you if you’re using Time Machine!), then, in Terminal, cd into your iPhoto library folder and delete the files “face.db” and “face_blob.db” & boot up iPhoto again. iPhoto should then start recognizing your faces again.
For what it’s worth, this doesn’t actually fix your broken database, but it does allow you to start it over. I figured since I just moved more than half of my library into storage, why not?
I’ll be updating this post later with my success (or not).

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Sunset on the way home last night

IMG 1938

Taken on my new-to-me iPhone 3Gs. Gonna hold off on really upgrading until the successor to the iPhone 4 methinks. Hopefully that means I’m only waiting until September and not next year; the rumor mill seems to be going back and forth on this one.

Oh yeah

It’s definitely a Good Friday.
IMG 4787

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On cameras and photographic devices

So, my iPhone has been the photographic device of choice for me as of late; that pano a couple entries ago was in fact stitched together on my computer using photos taken on my phone.
Why the iPhone? Not because of image quality, that’s for sure 🙂 No, just mostly because I have it with me nearly all the time. It’s also a really convenient device to share photos from using Facebook (which, as much as I am loathe to admit it — being a blogger after all — is a great way to share). Of course, I miss the versatility of being able to post photos of any aspect ratio and resolution and text any way I choose, so I’d like to get back to using my blog more. Question for my blogging friends: does anyone know of an easy way to post pictures to a Moveable Type blog from the iPhone? I’ve been casually searching around for a program but I haven’t found anything that works yet.
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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Camping Hallowe’en 08

This past weekend Joy and I went on a camping trip to Hillsborough River State Park, about an hour’s drive north of Sarasota. Picked out gear Friday, then it was up to the park on Saturday morning. There we met up with Cam and Melissa and Joe and Owen; Mark, Laurie and the girls; Rob, Jeanine and the kids; Louis and Jasmine; Jean and Peter, David and the rest of the crew. A big group from work came, and it seems to grow bigger each year. It was a pumpking-carving, site-spookifying, tram-rider-scaring affair for the traditional “Haunted Woods” trick-or-treat; we all had a blast…. already coming up with ideas for next year.