Tag: Rants

  • An open letter to Florida Power and Light Company

    Dear FPL: I really like your new Sunshine Energy program. By paying an additional $10/month on top of my energy bill, I ensure that 1000 kWh are injected into the grid that were produced using so-called “green” methods such as solar and wind-turbines, regardless of how much power I actually use. This money not only…

  • All it took was the Olympics

    Washington expresses regret over 1884 lynching of Canadian teen

  • Tasky

    Software developers will understand this probably a little better than others — you know how, when you leave a bunch of files open on your computer, things can get kind of unstable? Well, that’s kind of how I’m feeling at work right now — I’m the computer, and my tasks are the files. Okay, that…