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  • Javascript Coding Conventions

    No, not talking about a programming spinoff of Comic-Con. Though, that would be interesting (in non-COVID-19-ier times). I suppose one could argue Comic-Con is that, given there’s probably some overlap between the two crowds (just conjecture). Anyway, Douglas Crockford (author of JSLint)’s style guide for Javascript can be found here.

  • On the topic of ZSH and aliases

    5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know from Thorsten Hans

  • Where to place Aliases when you have oh-my-zsh installed

    Scott Whittaker over at scottwhittaker.net posted the exact information I was looking for. I recently installed zsh and oh-my-zsh on one of my Macs, and was looking for where to put an alias. I looked in ~/.zshrc, and saw that it noted that if I was running oh-my-zsh, I should place the alias in $ZSH_CUSTOM,…