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  • Javascript Coding Conventions

    No, not talking about a programming spinoff of Comic-Con. Though, that would be interesting (in non-COVID-19-ier times). I suppose one could argue Comic-Con is that, given there’s probably some overlap between the two crowds (just conjecture). Anyway, Douglas Crockford (author of JSLint)’s style guide for Javascript can be found here.

  • On the topic of ZSH and aliases

    5 Types Of ZSH Aliases You Should Know from Thorsten Hans

  • Where to place Aliases when you have oh-my-zsh installed

    Scott Whittaker over at scottwhittaker.net posted the exact information I was looking for. I recently installed zsh and oh-my-zsh on one of my Macs, and was looking for where to put an alias. I looked in ~/.zshrc, and saw that it noted that if I was running oh-my-zsh, I should place the alias in $ZSH_CUSTOM, […]

  • Segfault error

    Ever end up with messages like these in your Linux system’s system log? (/var/log/messages or journalctl or whatever system log system you’re using)? Apr 1 08:09:27 machinename kernel: ProcessNameThatCrashed[22041]: segfault at 00000000e5c5e000 rip 00000000081473d0 rsp 00000000e5c5aa30 error 4 Ever wonder what that error number means? Well, Raphael Geissert over at Raphael’s blog has a handy […]

  • Installing Boost on macOS High Sierra (10.13.2)

    Assuming you have Homebrew installed already: Launch Terminal “brew install boost” (without the quotes). Notice errors. Try updating brew by doing a ‘brew update’. Failures.  Notice by looking at /Users/<userid>/Library/Logs/Homebrew/boost/01.bootstrap.sh that “brew” is at version 0.95 on my machine. Research brew and see it’s on version 1.4.0. Reinstall Brew as though it’s never been installed (even though […]

  • How I installed IPython on macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra

    So I installed IPython today. It was a bit of an adventure, so thought I’d document it here, in case it helps anyone else (including my future self, heh): Installed Python 3.6 (the default, 2.7, included with macOS, isn’t new enough).  This puts the “python3” executable on your machine, which you can invoke similarly to […]

  • Connecting to remote MySQL servers so they appear as though they are local

    Simple! Just create an SSH tunnel. Or a couple of them. Create SSH tunnel to MySQL server running on port 3306 on so that server appears to be running locally on port 3307: ssh -L 3307: root@ -NnT Create SSH tunnel to MySQL server running on port 3306 on machine2 so that server appears […]

  • Can’t Drag and Drop between OSX and OSX VM


  • Unknown file activity on your Mac?  Boot up fseventer

    Unknown file activity on your Mac? Boot up fseventer

    My 2009 27″ iMac is starting to show its age. So when its hard drive started crunching this morning (and bringing the machine to a crawl), I wanted to know a little more. The command-line utility fs_usage is good if there’s not much going on, but if there’s a lot, the information flies by far […]

  • Turn on Syntax Highlighting in Vi in OS X

    Turn on Syntax Highlighting in Vi in OS X

    This set of instructions for turning on syntax highlighting in vi (vim, in fact) worked like a charm.