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  • That’s what she said :)

    That’s what she said 🙂

  • Eep

    Boo! Hey all. Been a while, yes, I know, what’s new right? But you’re all reading this with your RSS reader, right? If you’re not, check out Google Reader. It’s a free, always-accessible web application made by Google, that makes keeping up with infrequently updated sites like this one, a snap. Instead of you having […]

  • Okay, this is just to get a few words down…

    …on paper, because I think it’s the pictures that have been weighing me down the most. This here computer isn’t as fast as it once was, and I think iPhoto is beginning to choke at 29,000 photos. Music: EM006 – 04-12-1993 – Future Sound of London, Studio Session (thanks Davin)… Yeah as I alluded to […]

  • Fallout 2007

    Where have I been? Super busy Krishen. Organizing the upcoming Ultimate league; playing in tournaments and working 🙂 Here’s some pics and videos I took at this year’s Fallout tournament, which took place last weekend.

  • Great weekend

    So… by all accounts HPSN was a great success. I’m pretty happy 🙂 I had a pretty great weekend, too. After finishing off some work on an unrelated project on Saturday afternoon, I headed over to Cam and Melissa’s, where we binged on fantastic, handmade pierogis (perogi, perogy, piroghi, pirogi, or pyrohy) by Melissa. And, […]

  • Good morning

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. This is *the* week, what all the work of the past few months has been leading up to. Here’s to a good one. 🙂 You can see what’s going on by reading the conference blog. Music: Barenaked Ladies – Take It Back (thanks, Tex!)

  • Okay, a few things

    …since this “not updating until I get my post about the trip to Victoria up” thing is getting a bit out of hand. I am: -Less sick than the last post -Still sick -In the middle of a busy time at work -Owner of The Altima, which has decided it would like to only intermittently […]

  • Update on me

    Hello readers.. how goes it? I have been keeping myself pretty busy over the past few days as you’ve doubtless guessed. We had pickup (all welcome) Ultimate Frisbee on Thursday, that was an unexpected surprise: 22 people showed up! That was nice, considering the week before attendance was around 13. Friday, Cam, Melissa and I […]

  • Sorry, been

    very busy lately. Past weekend included Crystal Method (ha, no, the music group), an Ultimate tournament that lasted two days (Sarasota Pre-nats), and meeting Nkosi’s dad (funny guy!). Been at work quite a bit too.

  • We Win!, An Inconvenient Truth, Serenity/Equality Now

    My Ultimate Frisbee team (aka “Butch’s Team”) won its first game of the season this past Thursday night, so I’m pretty happy about that. Yesterday’s 5pm pickup game at Lakewood Ranch got lightninged-out. Work is busy. A new schedule has been set, so the heat is back on. Friday night I saw An Inconvenient Truth […]