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  • Okay, a few things

    …since this “not updating until I get my post about the trip to Victoria up” thing is getting a bit out of hand. I am: -Less sick than the last post -Still sick -In the middle of a busy time at work -Owner of The Altima, which has decided it would like to only intermittently…

  • Update on me

    Hello readers.. how goes it? I have been keeping myself pretty busy over the past few days as you’ve doubtless guessed. We had pickup (all welcome) Ultimate Frisbee on Thursday, that was an unexpected surprise: 22 people showed up! That was nice, considering the week before attendance was around 13. Friday, Cam, Melissa and I…

  • Sorry, been

    very busy lately. Past weekend included Crystal Method (ha, no, the music group), an Ultimate tournament that lasted two days (Sarasota Pre-nats), and meeting Nkosi’s dad (funny guy!). Been at work quite a bit too.