Not a slack Sat

Had a good day today:

  • Got the exhaust system completely replaced on the Altima ($288 after parts and labor and tax)
  • Bought the O’Reilly “Ant” book
  • Bought a tall caramel macchiato at the ‘Bucks inside Barnes and Noble
  • Checked out the Powershot G2 at Best Buy (they didn’t have the Powershot G3 in stock “yet” — come on, it’s been out for a couple months now)
  • Took the Altima for its first carwash
  • Bought a footlong sweet onion chicken teryaki sub at SubWay
  • Simon switched from cable to DSL — no hitch here! Pings are quicker too! (okay so I didn’t have to do much for this one)
  • Did some more research on market prices for the Powershot G2/G3 via eBay
  • Went to work, got a feature completed!
  • Returned and rented a DVD
I am productivity man!

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Not as lazy Sunday

Did the mundane house maintenance stuff this morning — but man it felt good. Also tried to get a couple of coworkers to throw around the disc, but they were both busy. Pity, since it’s such a nice day out.
Diddled around online. Posted to dancingprimate, ravevictoria, and signed up for an account Get this, the owner — Jason — used to run a few BBSes back in the day. You know, the dial-in style. 3oo baud modems. Man. So anyway before you can post, not only do you have to create an account, but you have to “email this sysop” and tell him about yourself. Hahah. Anyway, I did. So we’ll see what happens.
And now that the housework is pretty much done, I think I’m going to treat myself to a steamed milk at starbucks and read some! 🙂

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A lazy Saturday

My head has been so wrapped up with work recently, staying at home feels really really nice.
Went to bed at 3 this morning, got up at noon. Opened the bills, locked myself out of my own bedroom, fixed that, ate, irc’ed with the #rave.vic kru, msned with Jayne, icqed with Steph and Jim. Think I might go for a run or something, been indoors all day.

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Odds and ends

Things I bought today:

  • “Farriker Spirit Award” disc, $10
  • “Quizzical Dog” disc, $8
  • Gaia Ultimate bag, $45
  • Chicken burger, $2
  • Baked Lays, $2
  • Litre of water, $1
  • Film, $11

Rented “The Others” on DVD on Friday evening, but I still haven’t watched it (no time!). Hopefully tomorrow after Ultimate at Siesta Beach; it’s due back Tuesday.
Going into work at 6am tomorrow to finish up stuff that should have been done on Friday: guess that means I’m up at 5am!

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Weekend update

Saturday, October 5th, I ran 5k to help raise moolah for the American Cancer Institute or whatever they’re called down here. It’s the US equivalant of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Note: it’s waay too hot to run the whole thing in my current state. Perhaps that’s why they made it a walk. Especially when carrying my car keys and camera, in direct sunlight, with no wind. Heh. I didn’t time myself but I figure I took around 30 minutes to do the whole thing, including the ~200m walk I took.
I also picked up some sweet lamps from the Salvation Army. They were $24.95 each. Since it was Saturday, lamps were 25% off and I ended up paying roughly $36 for a pair. They’re really neat. My words won’t do them justice right now, but I’ll take pictures and try to find a scanner soon.
And tonight, tonight, I had water drip from my ceiling, through the “breakfast bar” spotlight. Turns out the upstairs neighbour’s washing machine overflowed, and he didn’t even realize it until I knocked at his door. Luckily I caught most of the water with a couple of pots, and nothing majorly important got struck by the stream of water. I got a few pictures of it, should be interesting to see how they turn out. I’m not really sure of my rights in this situation, if I have any at all. I’m not sure if the apartment complex is liable for damages or not — i mean, after all, it *is* their washer that overflowed, not the tenant’s. But anyway. Time to look into renter’s insurance, I suppose.

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