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  • New toy… iPod Touch

    On Thursday, after spotting this post on MacRumors that some people had already been able to purchase iPod Touches* from the SoHo Apple store in NYC (a full two weeks before the official release date of Sept 28th), I shot Jeff an email; I knew he was already interested in getting one, and so was…

  • Canon Powershot G3 Pictures

    While doing research on the Canon Powershot G3 I ran across some gorgeous pictures taken with one; thought I’d share.

  • Canon introduces the S45

    Today, Canon introduced the Powershot S45. “Wow,” I’m thinking, “I hope this drives down the price of the Powershot G2!” Well, now that I’ve read this informative thread comparing the S45 to the Powershot G3, I’m a little doubtful about that happening. But hey, you never know, right? 🙂