Taking the Altima In

8:23am. So I called up Gettel Nissan, and I’m taking my car in to get inspected early tomorrow morning. The guy I spoke to was named George; he sounds like a nice guy.
Update, 10:46am: Spoke to Simon about the engine malfunction light. I told him the manual said that it could be because of emissions problems, and he said yeah, that could be it. $50 bucks top. He also said that it could be for any number of other reasons, too — a broken rod, even not having the gas cap on correctly (this would change the pressure inside the gas tank). He advised I go back to the place I got the muffler done at and to ask them to check if the sensors were aligned properly on the exhaust system — going this way might save me some money. I explained I could also use going to Gettel as an opportunity to ask about the rattling noise coming from my engine, since they’re authorized Nissan dealers and all. Also, he’s giving me a ride from Gettel to work tomorrow. Hooray!