Tasty salad?

What can I say… that didn’t happen. But I did have a midnight snack instead 🙂
Roll over me toast! (script lifted from Davin)
In other news, I’m currently enjoying my 15 minutes! The Canadian Ultimate Players Association is using one of my photos on their front page! Heh. Yeah.
Speaking of 15 minutes… if you have a television, definitely check out E.R. tomorrow night. The primary product of the company I work for — a human patient simulator — is supposed to be featured in the episode! Check your local listings for show times.
Anyhow, it’s another late night/early morning combo night tonight — got home from work around 9pm; Cam and I are shooting to be back in by 7am tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Tasty salad?”

  1. omg!
    that snack is a longtime classic, as you well know. I wonder if we still grow chives outside 🙂

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