Had the most unusual morning today. I went to bed just before midnight last night… right after my post, actually (that’s early for me; usually I’m in bed no sooner than 12:30/1) — and in the morning, two odd things happened:

  1. I was facing the opposite direction from normal.
  2. It was 5:30, and I felt incredibly well-rested. But I went back to sleep, because, geez, even /if/ I’m well-rested, it doesn’t mean I should be awake. So back to sleep I went. And woke up at what I thought was 6:45 — because, well, it must be… I felt even better rested than before — but it was only 6:15. And so this cycle continued until it was 6:40, at which point I got up.
I honestly have no idea why I was the opposite direction from normal. That baffles me. I have a futon. It’s not exactly as though I could have rotated. Which leaves sleepwalking as a possibility, I suppose.
But if I were sleepwalking, I’m not sure I would have felt so well-rested. The well-rested bit, I have a theory about that. Any day I go running (or play Ultimate, which is essentially fun running), I always sleep soundly. Thing is, it’s usually so soundly I sleep right through my alarm. But not this morning, where I woke up a good three or four times before it went off at 7 (by which point I’d already showered and shaved).
In any case, I took advantage of the situation and had a good breakfast, washed some dishes, and even had some of the tea Hilary and Brian brought for me from Victoria when they came to visit. Mmmmm.

I am sure you are all wondering how that epic bug battle is going. Well, I was up to a few other things too today, but let’s just say the root cause may be quite a bit deeper than any of us thought. So yeah, the bug is still at large, and there’s a couple new ones that have cropped up in the meantime. Great.
Ah well! You all remember I’m going to Savannah this weekend, right? That’s kinda exciting. I still have to confirm that my registration actually got there intact (I’m really hoping the postal worker sealed the envelope for me). That’ll be an email I’ll have to send tomorrow I guess! Also tomorrow: figure out a place to stay in Jacksonville Friday night, print maps etc. This is gonna be fun 🙂
Now… if you’ve got some extra time: how many petals are around the rose?


  1. Davin: What! I’m pretty sure I don’t sleepwalk/talk these days. Then again, I’m still wondering where that 1970s ironing board came from. Heh.
    Alison — it’s not hard when they’ve got such cool packaging. It’s silver, so I needed something black for a background; that’s the faux-leather stylings of my 200-CD-binder you’re seeing :). Did you spot the hidden picture?

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