Tens of thousands still in dark after massive B.C. storm

From the CBC:

Winds that peaked at 157 kilometres an hour knocked out power to a widespread area, including Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley. Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Victoria were the hardest-hit communities.

Some perspective: that’s stronger than anything Sarasota has experienced in the past four years, despite a half-dozen hurricanes touching down in the state.
And a note from Mom:

…. the snow is all gone now, but we had another windstorm last night, with gusts up to 90-100 km, the xmas lights in the inner harbour were taken down the first time ever because of it, and people were advised to bring in their patio furniture and garbage cans, which I put in the van…good thing; I see a few garbage cans lying around all over the place..for next week it looks like rain, so back to normal I hope 🙂

Hopefully the house is safe.. we have a couple trees close by.

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