The Essence of Me

Me, Melissa, Eric and Cam last Thursday.
So, here’s *my* entry into my Essence of Me challenge. Have a look (and a listen — the download link is below the tracklist).
Krishen – Essence of Me.
01. Opus III – It’s A Fine Day – 5:29
02. 54-40 – Casual Viewin’ – 4:43
03. Dido – Life for Rent – 3:41
04. Icehouse – Man Of Colours – 5:11
05. Rush – Roll The Bones – 5:30
06. Prodigy – Poison – 6:42
07. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy – 5:08
08. Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea – 6:47
09. Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart – 3:51
10. Pet Shop Boys – Too Many People – 4:17
11. Five for Fighting – Superman – 3:41
12. Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye – 4:40
13. Paul Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise – 3:48
14. Barenaked Ladies – Pinch Me – 4:45
15. Paul Van Dyk – Time Of Our Lives (PVD Club Mix) ft. Vega 4 – 7:26
So there I am in music. At least, that’s me as of last Wednesday. It could definitely vary a little given some time. I wasn’t going to at first, but I really liked how Julie went through her tracks and told us a little about what they meant to her, so I’m going to try and do something similar here.

Opus III – It’s a Fine Day goes back to the beginning of my love affair with electronic music, probably about 1993. I remember Anand had his friend Troy over and I heard it on a cassette playing on his pimped-out black Acura Integra GS-R in our driveway. This song just has an undeniable, beautiful insistency to it, from its marching beat to its ethereal vocals — made possible by a 23 year-old Kirsty Hawkshaw. This song was also sampled by Orbital in their massive “Halcyon and On and On”, made famous by the movie Hackers.
The 54-40 track, Casual Viewin’ — well there’s not much to this one; it’s got a killer bassline and never fails to put me in a good mood. And the production values are through the roof. Crystal clear no matter what the volume. I just can’t seem to turn this one up loud enough.
Dido – Life for Rent: Well, this one reflects a little about where I am in my life, in particular regarding relationships, but it could apply to many things. It’s all about making commitment and the fear of doing so: “While my heart is a shield and I won’t let it down/While I am so afraid to fail so I won’t even try/Well how can I say I’m alive”.
Icehouse – Man Of Colours: A beautiful sad, sad song. I remember playing it after I broke up with my first girlfriend, and it still twists me out of shape: