The Essential Mix. On Radio 1.

[picture: post-haircut]
Got my hair chopped! Feels fcuking fantastic! Just what I needed. Should serve me well during the remainder of this hot, hot rainy season.
Also today: fed Patches, learned the parts department at Gettel Nissan closes at 1pm on Saturday (in God’s name, why?!?), and did a truckload of laundry. Picked up some Aloe/vitamin e lotion for my left index finger, which I burnt in no small way on the oven rack last night. Conducted my first video-chat with Mom, Dad, Davin and Neil via the iChatAV beta. There were some minor sound issues (sometimes the high-end frequencies in Dad’s voice would disappear or I’d lose audio altogether — but they were relatively rare, and could have been the result of four different blogs also being served by the same internet connection) but otherwise, it worked pretty well! I’m sure these issues will be sorted out by the time the beta period finishes (around December). Now Mom and Dad need a camera so I can see them too. (-:
Tomorow: new clothes and a little disc ack-shun. Now? Folding of the futon and settling down to watch the DVD of Sphere.

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  1. Nice hair cut! I think that only showed off your new zit too well with it! :p Just kidding…u are goofy as usual in your pics! Keep up the good work!

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