The Italian Mulholland Kemp Set BBQ

Ed Norton’s character “Steve” takes aim in The Italian Job
Did anyone download the track from yesterday? I’m really curious to know if you can hear it.
Not a lot going on in Krishenland. The BBQ was a quiet but yummy affair; we watched The Italian Job as Jeff us served beer, fine margaritas, and a thing or two from the grill. Afterwards he put on the best-possible finishing touch, with oven-fresh cookies (and even brewed coffee to go along with it).
He also had a puzzle which we spent some time pondering over; it was a Rubik’s Cube-style game, except, instead this was more of a Rubik’s Pyramid, the goal being to make each face of a three-sided pyramid a unique colour by re-arranging clumps of four smaller pyramids held together by small plastic joiner bits. Kai solved it handily by breaking down the individual pieces into their respective colour-classes and reassembling (she didn’t know about the 4-clump rule at the time). I tried for a little bit but didn’t get very far.
It did, however, remind me of another game which I discovered while at interning at that giant software company based out of Redmond, Wa — Set. It’s lots of fun; it’s about quick pattern recognition and uses visual variables — things your brain will pick out automagically without processing, such as pattern, shape, colour, size, and orientation — as its key ingredient. I’m going to have to see if I can track it down here.
Out of the blue Melissa asked if anyone had seen Mulholland Drive. She and Cam and had seen it a couple of nights ago and were wondering if anyone could lend any insight. Yes, here! But I advised they let it settle in for a couple days and watch it a second time — I know it became a lot clearer for me after I did. This unprompted interest in one of my favorite movies got me kind of excited; I forwarded them a discussion a few of us had after watching it at Cinecenta. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll send it along to you; be forewarned it contains spoilers. Alternatively, you may want to check out some of the 893 reviews on Incidentally Mulholland Drive is on my wishlist. I’ve kinda been holding out for an edition with better special features, but maybe it’s time I just go and buy the thing (same goes for Buffy).
In other news, Kemp turned 39 last week and didn’t tell anyone! We’re all still trying to figure out why (though I have a sneaking suspicion a girl is involved… 😉


  1. Put a Rubik style puzzle in a room full of geeks and it turns into hours of enjoyment.

  2. Mulholland Drive is one of my favs too, i get something new every time i watch it. it’s great to see that i’m not the only one, as a number of people dislike it to know end.
    same goes for buffy, but in truth, i have yet to meet someone who has actually watched it and still dislikes it. genius television. although have you every tried to watch it with someone new and get them up to speed? “okay, that’s spike, he’s evil and in love with the slayer. but he’s not dangerous as the government put a chip in his head so he can’t hurt human’s. willow is a witch and she used to date a werewolf until she became a lesbian, etc etc.” it cracks me up every time.
    i would love for you to forward me your Mulholland Drive discussion. i like to here other people’s insights.

  3. Jeff: What? We only spent an hour and a half on it! How can you say “hours”? ?!!?!?!!??!!
    Alison, re: explaining the buffyverse, hahaha… it does sound pretty ridiculous doesn’t it. Thankfully when I showed Davin and Neil Fear Itself [episode trailer, 5.5mb], it was pretty self-contained. 🙂 I’ll send that Mulholland Drive discussion along, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

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