Time keeps on slipping…

Well, it would seem that wading through 266 photos took a while longer than I previously estimated. So the big post will have to wait a little bit, but the tough stuff is done anyhow! I leave you with this gem, for tonight anyway. That’s Helen on the left, Heike on the right — we’re in downtown Savannah here.
[picture: helen and heike hold up their denny's bill]
You’d probably have a wacky grin on your face too


  1. 266, eh? Funny, I’m reading this on the All-In-One right now..

  2. You know … you really need to find those places that offer free re-fills !!! Save you a little cash … you would have done better buying a coffee maker and fresh beans!

  3. 32 coffees hhmmm if i drank that i think i could set a guiness record for being either awake the longest or the most annoying bouncing person 😉
    oh and hey check this out

  4. oh yeah, amy sent me that url — doesn’t do anything for me at work or at home. perhaps its an internet explorer on the PC-only thing?

  5. It works for me. I’ve seen the “Crap on the screen that-follows-the-mouse-around” before but never have it reform into a functioning, accurate clock. Cool!

  6. ah, okay. i had to use internet explorer to see it (doesn’t work with either safari or camino).. yes, that is cool!

  7. whooops, correction, i only had 180 photos and movie clips to sort through. 266 was the number of photos i have in my blog 🙂

  8. What the hizeck is with this proprietary html? Or rather, html that doesn’t work with proprietary browsers 😀

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