Time to Dream

[Well it’s raining right now. I can hear thunder every five minutes or so.]
Just finished watching The Wonder Boys. Very funny, very clever movie. Bet it would be better stoned.
[It’s raining harder now. There’s 22 seconds between the flash and the boom. I’ve got some stuff out on the porch (including what was my dinner/computer table last week); I hope it’s okay.]
The weekend’s honestly been a bit of a blur. I organized Simon’s going-away outing on Friday; indeed we went to The Paddy Wagon.
[It’s raining yet harder still.]
Ron, Cam, Gary, Charlene, Simon and I showed up to the outing. It was a little awkward at first; the tables at the pub are really only designed to hold about three people max, so the conversation was split; but eventually the Guiness had us all yelling at each other, so that problem was quickly overcome.
[15 seconds between booms now. 13. This “nature thing” seems to be demanding my attention. Well, I guess I could indulge, just for a moment.]
It’s close to midnight. I just went out onto the porch to take some photos. Rain is falling in vertical rivers from the rooftops.
picture of the sulfur lights in the parking lot of my apartment complex
through my bedroom window, five second exposure.
And poof! Just like that, while I was resizing a few of the images, the rain stopped. No more flashes. No more booms, barely even a tiny pitter-patter. God I love Sarasota for that. The weather is exciting here. It’s starting to feel like summer again.
Well, I started this entry wanting to write a little more, but I’m afraid my tired body is getting the better of me. More tomorrow hopefully.
picture from on my porch, flash used.