Transcon bliss

So my trip to Victoria was wonderful.
[picture: IMG_7626.jpg]
Canada Day brunch at Ferris’
[picture: IMG_7637.jpg]
FIFA banner in Bay Center
[picture: IMG_7638.jpg]
Wine shop we stopped in at downtown
[picture: IMG_7640.jpg]
Market Square
[picture: IMG_7656.jpg]
Neil with Kathy’s rockstar shades; photo by Kathy
[picture: IMG_7661.jpg]
I love Victoria architecture
[picture: IMG_7681.jpg]
At the Blackfish Cafe, inner harbour
[picture: IMG_7695.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7731.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7755.jpg]
The fireworks were great
[picture: IMG_7784.jpg]
Lying about on the porch at noon…
[picture: IMG_7789.jpg]
…Rocky beside me
[picture: IMG_7797.jpg]
At Monday’s get-together at the Sticky Wicket pub… Coreen and Derek
[picture: IMG_7798.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7800.jpg]
Caroline and Davin
[picture: IMG_7803.jpg]
Kathy, Mark and Daniel
[picture: IMG_7804.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7808.jpg]
Dan and Suzanne
[picture: IMG_7810.jpg]
[picture: IMG_7813.jpg]
[picture: ECS-UVic2.jpg]
At UVic… my photo stitching program doing some hilarious things trying to make sense of ECS, the new Computer Science building
[picture: IMG_7868.jpg]
Inside ECS looking down
[picture: IMG_7887.jpg]
In Uplands, with Davin at a little cafe
[picture: IMG_7903.jpg]
At Brian and Hil’s, grilling for a peanut-sauce delight
[picture: IMG_7921.jpg]
At the top of Summit Park reservoir, with Bri and Hil
[picture: IMG_7934.jpg]
At Shizen Sushi for lunch with Bri and Hil
[picture: IMG_2489.jpg]
At Thetis Lake with Tex and Nicole. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_2562.jpg]
With Angela. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_2707.jpg]
Mattresshead. Photo by Nicole.
[picture: IMG_7944.jpg]
At Darcy’s Irish pub with Tex and Nicole. Nice selection!
[picture: IMG_7948.jpg]
Darcy’s Interior
[picture: IMG_7949.jpg]
Victoria Lager
[picture: IMG_7952.jpg]
Victoria has the best fish and chips
[picture: IMG_7956.jpg]
At Earls with Tex, Nicole, Caroline and Davin
[picture: IMG_7964.jpg]
At Willie’s Bakery with Sean
[picture: IMG_7971.jpg]
At the metal yard with Dad
[picture: IMG_7975.jpg]
Driving with Tex
[picture: IMG_7979.jpg]
Out to see Inland Empire with Daniel, Kathy, Sean, Tex, Nicole, Cari, Derek, Coreen, and Corey, where we unexpectedly ran into John and Luke.
[picture: IMG_7982.jpg]
John and Luke
[picture: IMG_7996.jpg]
At the post-film wrap-up at Maude Hunter’s. Pictured: Kathy and Mark.
[picture: IMG_8001.jpg]
Corey and Sean
[picture: IMG_8034.jpg]
On our way to Youbou for Liz and Rick’s wedding
[picture: IMG_8050.jpg]
Cousins Kelly and Brady
[picture: RickLiz.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8079.jpg]
Rick and Liz
[picture: IMG_8085.jpg]
It was a beautiful sleepy church
[picture: IMG_8097.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8155.jpg]
Cousin Kim and daughter
[picture: DSC01684.jpg]
At Pacific Front Recordings production “ariz0na’s Last Stand”; with Ben and Anand. Photo by Neil.
[picture: IMG_8167.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8171.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8172.jpg]
[picture: IMG_8173.jpg]
Crowd including Krystle and Lexi
[picture: IMG_8205.jpg]
ariz0na is dead; long live AFK!
[picture: IMG_8207.jpg]
Dustin H
[picture: IMG_8210.jpg]
Furniture downtown
[picture: IMG_8223.jpg]
At Ferris’ for a second Sunday brunch with Tex, Neil, Cari and Nicole.
[picture: IMG_8224.jpg]
At the Beaver Lake Strawberry Festival with Amy and Calvin
[picture: IMG_8231.jpg]
At the Beagle Pub with Caroline, Davin and Jim.

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