Tripod of Greatness

Cam and Melissa gave me a tripod last night! I still don’t fully know why, but I’m grateful! Melissa said something about wanting to thank me for putting up (with) Cam at my place for three weeks.
Cam was a wonderful guest (I never saw a dish in the sink, ever!), and he wrote me a cheque to help out with the rent and miscellaneous expenses.
So yeah. I don’t totally get it. But I can’t wait to try it out! 😀


  1. It is just for being you … 😉 You can look at it this way … would not be here if you did not mention the job to me in the first place ??
    Guess it is sort of backpay for blackmail … that was not really blackmail … hell … maybe the two of us were just at Walmart saw the stand and said “Damn … Krishen has been wanting one of those … lets freak him out!!!!” !!!! Or maybe we are just on crack … either way … quite interested in the pictures that will come of it 🙂

  2. Ummm from the content of that post I’d have to go with crack for $100 Alex.

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