TS Isaac will probably miss Florida

The latest track appears to be showing Isaac heading into the Gulf, but yesterday (Saturday) the story looked pretty different. Schools notified parents of closures Monday, and the RNC cancelled most of its Monday events in Tampa. Here’s a look at the local papers yesterday:

…and today:

All of these front pages remind me that nothing ever happens in a vacuum. RIP Neil Armstrong; your achievements won’t be forgotten. RIP also the two people shot in front of the Empire State building. Ugh. Too many shootings going on lately.

In other news, I had an awesome birthday weekend. Surprise party Thursday; day of relaxing followed by romantic dinner with Christina Friday at “The Star” Thai & Sushi (formerly “Pad Thai”); and a group birthday party at the pool & dinner/drinks over at Cam and Melissa‘s Saturday, where Christina and I tried our hand at making mom‘s chicken curry for the first time.. pretty tasty (if I may say so)!


2 responses to “TS Isaac will probably miss Florida”

  1. Den!s Avatar

    I’ve still got 2 friends who are gonna get hammered; one in Pensacola, and the other in Baton Rouge. Glad I can probably stroke your name off the list …. probably

  2. Krishen Greenwell Avatar
    Krishen Greenwell

    Denis, crossing my fingers for you!

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