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So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about my favorite TV series, Firefly. Well, it so happens Universal HD (the high-definition TV channel backed by the studios that produced the Firefly-based movie, Serenity), is airing the entire Firefly series in high definition, right now. To that end they’ve produced a series of banner ads for plastering all over the place, and i thought I’d share a few, because they are, well, shiny!
This comes about as Universal’s option contracts with the actors to do a sequel are about to expire (the deadline is September). So the timing of this high-profile exposure couldn’t be better.
In addition, UniversalHD has set up forums for the show on their website, and it’s been rumored that they’ll be watching the posts there to try and gauge interest and the viability of a sequel. The executive summary bodes well so far:

You don’t even have to read any of the posts to know something special is going on there.
That said, reading some of the forum topics, especially the introductions thread was like some kind of homecoming. Things have been kind of dark over the past year in Firefly-fandom, as hopes of seeing a sequel were starting to fade. Seeing all this new activity, and all the new people brought into the fold over the past year, was kind of like a drink from the firehose after wandering through a desert. Wooo!
Also of note: the Serenity Collector’s Edition comes out on August 21st. You can pre-order it here, which I just did. Amongst the features of the disc are a commentary with some of the cast, extended scenes, Session 416 (part of a viral Firefly video series, released on the intertubes a few weeks before the movie) and a couple new featurettes. Not to mention, it’s got a rad cover. 🙂


  1. the visual of some dude ungracefully drinking from a firehose after walking through a desert is hilarious. I am picturing Mustafa (Will Ferrell in Austin Powers) getting maybe a tenth of the water in his mouth while blasting his head backwards with the power of the firehose. (those things are powerful!@)

  2. OMG! – How did i now know that your favorite show is also my favorite show!!!
    We don’t have HDTV nor do we get that channel, but we do have the DVDs, and we watch them very regularly.
    There is much discussion around all of this on the facebook group. Which is one of the only things i do on facebook anymore.
    Oh, and both Derek and I plan to Marry Capitan Tightpants if he’ll have us.
    “And Also. I can kill you with me brain”

  3. I have no idea!!! Pretty cool though. I’ve come to realize that I like almost anything Mr Whedon touches 🙂 I was already a member of that FB group but I haven’t checked out the discussion group yet… think I will do that now. Be sure to come hang out at the Universal HD board too, it would be so cool to see you there 🙂
    I love that River quote; pure Joss humor.
    lol re Capt Tightpants.. aren’t those banners great? I am so happy seeing money getting thrown behind them again, they *so* deserve it.
    I think I’m going to go watch an episode right now. 🙂

  4. As posted on the Universal HD Firefly forum:

    Friday, Aug 3rd
    Laremy Legel at RopeOfSilicon.com has an exclusive ComicCon interview with Joss Whedon. Legel asked Whedon point blank about the possibility of a Serenity sequel, and Joss’s reply is reason for cautious optimism for Browncoats:
    RoS: So give me hope for a Serenity II
    JW: Hope for it probably rests with this DVD.
    . . .
    RoS: So then you’re saying we’ve got a chance?
    JW: Well it’s probably not being discussed in boardrooms right now, but the fact of the matter is if it makes enough money sooner or later they say “hey, this is money!” Also there are paradigms that are much cheaper, it doesn’t have to be enormous. But on the other hand I’m happy to say all of my actors are working very hard. It’s not the same situation where we all threw in for pennies because we had to finish telling that story. Now that situation might be harder to bring about.
    It’s a great interview, so read the whole thing.

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