Update on krishenblog assignment

So, you’re probably wondering what happened with the latest krishenblog assignment. Well, I had no submissions, but I did get bites from three people, and they all needed more time. So, rather than just saying that is that, I am extending the deadline to next Friday, October 27th, at noon. If you haven’t told me you’re going to submit something, it’s not too late!
A recap, the assignment is to submit six pictures: three of patterns, and three of texture. Patterns are obvious enough, but I needed a little help with the definition of texture, so here it is again: it’s the way in which light strikes a subject, making surface features visible. A photo of a man’s beard would be a good example of texture.
When you’ve got your photos ready, resize them if you wish — I’ll take as large as I can get, but please no smaller than 800×600 — and send them off to my gmail account: asterizk at the gmail dot com. Please include a small description of each.
What I’ll do is that when noon rolls around next Friday, I’ll gather up all the photos and feature them here, and we can have a look and see what everyone came up with and perhaps discuss a bit, see if we can learn something from each other. It should be good fun!
And with that I’m off to do some laundry and chase around a plastic disc a bit 🙂 Have a good afternoon, and I’ll be checking back in shortly.


  1. Chase around a plastic disc!?!? You make it sound so degrading. I’ll never play frisbee again! ;D
    P.S. — New mixes up, although only one actually has any new music..haha

  2. Those are your issues to deal with 😛 We had 16 people show up, woot! 🙂 Thanks for the heads up about the mixes.. I don’t really care if the music is new, so long as it sounds good…

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