US Thanksgiving

This past Thursday was US Thanksgiving. Last year I spent it with my good friend Dani in Cornell, NY; this year I spent it with John, Ivee and co.
There’s something of a tradition brewing here, I think: just like in 2003, John, Helen and I started the morning off with a round of disc golf at Maximo Park in St. Pete. We were playing for beer: that is, if I won a hole (by taking the fewest throws), John and Helen would then owe me a beer. If we tied on a hole, then the hole is said to be “pushed”, that is, the win for the hole carries over to the next round. Final scores: John 9, Helen 8, me 1. It was actually a lot closer than it sounds, as we “pushed” many holes, I just didn’t end up winning. *shakes fist*
Helen and I headed over to John and Ivee’s around 2:30 and we hung out on their brand new “Augusta Block” brick patio and took in the sights and smells of a lazy Thanksgiving afternoon. One of the neighbours was deep-frying a turkey, wow did that ever smell good. About an hour later Steve and Brenda arrived and we made our way to the backyard, where we were joined by Ivee’s mom Josie and enjoyed Albertos (a special champagne, mint and vodka concoction), prosciutto-wrapped-blue-cheese-stuffed figs, candied nuts and fresh starfruit right from the tree.
Aussie Ben arrived just in time for dinner. Dinner was fantastic (as usual) — my compliments to Ivee and John for preparing such great food. Have I mentioned I love their stuffing? Also compliments to Ben for his warm pumpkin salad, what a tasty and original treat. So good. Later, we were joined by Ben’s friends Nicole (from the UK) and Kaylene (also from Australia) and discussed all manner of what it’s like to suddenly realize you have an accent.
Here’s a bunch of pictures from the day — click on any of them for le big. ๐Ÿ™‚
[picture: IMG_5419.jpg]

[picture: IMG_5420.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5422.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5424.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5427.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5429.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5436.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5438.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5439.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5440.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5442.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5445.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5446.jpg]
[picture: IMG_5449.jpg]


3 responses to “US Thanksgiving”

  1. that last one is purty nice!

  2. Hilary Avatar

    well I’m jealous… it’s 0c here and you’re having dinner on the patio there … brrrr and grrr

  3. Thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Davin, that last shot was taken pretty close to 10pm, which by this time of year means it’s pretty dark out. The orange in the shot is from the sulfur street lamps, and the wine glass was custom made by one of John and Ivee’s friends. Hil: I can’t believe it’s zero already… that seems a bit cold for this time of year, no?