Venice Beach

Wow. So the trip to meet the Greenwell descendants went really well. They’re super-nice, down-to-earth and friendly people. And ice-cream maniacs! And guess what? They owned a 1978 Ford Van at one point, just like us! How weird is that? It got destroyed, though, many years back — when a gigantic flood took out not only the van, but a number of the tools that Doug (head of the household) uses for his livelihood – shipbuilding.
[picture: jul05-newbiginboat.jpg]

Saw a pretty incredible sunset on the way back from Stuart and was back home by 8:30.
[picture: jul05-sunset.jpg]

Thinking Cam and Melissa might be there, and because the night was still young, Mom, Dad, Neil and I jumped in the pool. We’re all such party animals, we got kicked out by a cop (it may have also had something to do with the pool closing for the night).
Today we headed down to Venice Beach with Cam & Melissa. Had my first experience wearing fins! I’m telling you, that’s gonna take some getting used to. I was flopping around like a fish out of water. Also, at one point, I flipped-out when I realized how far from the bottom I was (15 feet). I don’t fare so well in deep water. Getting better though! Using a mask and a snorkel can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Many thanks to Melissa and Cam for my family’s use of their gear. Mucho appreciated.
Venice Beach is well-known for having shark teeth wash up on its shores, so I spent a good deal of time searching for them. Cam bought a scoop from a local store to help sift through the shell-gravel. Found a tiny one using it. While we were onshore enjoying the sun, a diver emerged from the water and gave us a whole handful! Kinda took the fun out of the whole beachcombing thing! Heh. He told us there’s a guy who regularly brings back 30 pounds of them PER DAY! Nice.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-neil.jpg]
Neil in front of Venice beach.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-beachcombing.jpg]
That’s me wandering the shore in yellow and dark blue shorts. Come on shark teeth!
[picture: jul06venicebeach-cammebeachcombing.jpg]
Cam joins in on the fun.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-dadwater.jpg]
Dad: but a speck! The water’s 30 celcius.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-medadmelissa.jpg]
Me, Dad and Melissa scour the waterfront. Melissa’s using the scoop here.
[picture: jul06venicebeach-metowel.jpg]

So now, my back is burnt, Mom’s making dinner for us, and I’m relaxing, to a PvD mix after a cool shower. And I don’t go back to work until Wednesday! Ah, life is good.
[edit Jul 9: Added pictures and captions.]


  1. that life does sound good!! have to try it out someday -relaxing at the beach and finding shark teeth and other stuff… yes something to do in the future i think!

  2. And here I am now … stuck at work … struggling to keep THE MAN at bay … (if only to return once more to the beach … ahh!) Anyway … my sister is out this weekend — so we get to do it all over again.
    The deep water nervousness goes away once you get down and see what is down there – around here nothing but sand 😉 Learning scuba helped me a lot — once I found I could breath most of the fears went away. Funny, I actually feel calmer when sitting on the ocean floor than bobbing in the waves … so peaceful!
    We will get you out soon enough 🙂

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