Victoria makes the news

January 19, 2004 – 16:41 EST   “Mike Rowe, a 17-year-old from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has angered Microsoft by registering a Web site with the address The software giant has demanded that Rowe give up his domain name. According to AP, he received a letter in November from Microsoft’s lawyers informing him he was committing copyright infringement. He wrote back asking to be compensated for giving up his name. Microsoft’s lawyers offered him US$10. He replied asking for $10,000. Last week, he received a 25-page document accusing him of trying to force the company into giving him a large settlement.”
(story via the always-excellent MacMinute)

6 thoughts on “Victoria makes the news”

  1. You mean this one? Yeah, they tell it well. 🙂
    I’m really hoping things settle out in favor of Mike Rowe. The idea that Microsoft sees this as copyright infringement is plain ridiculous.

  2. He got massive coverage here by the cbc, being from victoria and all. naturally he set up a legal defence paypal account — apparently his site got a hell of a lot of hits over the last couple of days. If everyone who visited donated 1 dollar, he’d be damn rich, and I’m pretty sure some people will be doing more than that 🙂
    For all we know, microsoft could be doing him a huge favour. Legal defence my left hand!

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