Volvo XC90, panometrical, em space sarasota

Three things that have/are making me happy in the past couple days:
(1) Recognizing a song on a Volvo commercial: I was watching Comedy Central last night, and they must have played the commercial three times in one hour — it’s an ad for one of Volvo’s SUVs, the XC90. I was like — “Hey… I know this song!” Turns out I heard it on Hybrid’s remix album, “Remix and additional production by…” — the song is “Glorious” by Andreas Johnson — who, as I found out after looking it up on the iTunes Music Store, is signed to WM Sweden. Sweden, of course, being the home of the Volvo. A bit of Googling later I found a thread which discusses Volvo’s relationship with Swedish artists.
(2) Jim featured my submission for his panoramic homework!
(3) Tonight’s em space sarasota Meetup is at a brand new coffee shop, which of course I always like to discover. 🙂