What is it good for?

Well, over the past couple of days ‘net access at home has been flakey at best. I think it’s a sign from the broadband god. “BUY YOUR ACCESS”, booms His voice. “But this is free!” “YOU’LL BE ABLE TO SEND FILES VIA IRC AND INSTANT MESSAGING PROGRAMS, IT’LL BE GOOD.” “Keep trying.”
pic of simon's overloaded subaru impreza
Sunday Simon saddled up the Subaru and sped out of Sarasota
Simon’s fiance, Janice, flew down to help him pack and keep him company on the way back up to Winterpeg. And to take a little 1000-mile detour to Houston to visit her family.
simon, janice, and mattress
Simon and Janice hang out with their last piece of furniture (which is, incidentally, now in my couch)
Everything was in that little car. Let me tell you, an Econoline 150 it ain’t. Things were packed in there so tight the windows were popping out of place.
bits and pieces from simon
Well, almost everything. Some stuff ended up back at my place.
Simon and Janice left in a hurry because they were late, and ended up arriving at their destination early. Figures! As I was doing a final check of the place before handing in the keys on their behalf, I discovered a whole bunch of dishes still in the washer. I offered to mail them to him, but he said Cam and I should split ’em up. Fine by me!
Ended up working pretty late tonight — till 7:30 actually — so I missed 1.5 hrs of Ultimate. Good thing we usually play for three. 🙂
George Acosta: Touched
George Acosta’s 5th mixed album on Ultra, ‘Touched’
Jeff lent me a double-disc mix set he picked up while in Boston last week — George Acosta’s Touched — and oh my god is it ever good. I just about went deaf in the car tonight. Even though I knew it probably wasn’t good for my ears, I just kept turning it up. I couldn’t help myself. It’s sooooooo good.
A while back my friend Scott in Regina sent me a burnt copy of one of George’s previous albums — I can’t recall the title of it right now, but I do remember it was trying to do the megamix thing — 22 tracks in 74 minutes or something like that. I wasn’t very impressed. It was a gazillion tiny little slices uber-trance, just enough time to get the taste of a song, but never enough time to actually enjoy it.
But “Touched” is completely different. Each CD contains just 12 tracks; the first disc is called “Epic Side”, and that’s completely what it is. It’s the one I had cranked in the car. In particular the first real track (Track 1 is a 40 second intro) is an absolute killer: Armin Van Buuren Featuring Ray Wilson “Yet Another Day” (Riva Remix). I’ve had this song stuck in my head all night. My other favorites include Driftwood’s “Freeloader” (Green Martian Remix) and (of course) Gouryella’s “Ligaya”. The second disc — labelled “Darc [sic] Side” — I can’t recommend it, but not because it isn’t good. It may well be better than the first disc. Problem is, I haven’t heard it cause I keep on playing disc one over and over again.
Anyway, buy it if you see it! It’ll make you tingly all over!