WMC Gallery posted

So.. I finally finished captioning the WMC gallery! 218 photos. Click on the picture to view. A brief introduction: the set starts off with pictures from the first few days while Davin was in Sarasota, with shots from Jonny Carinos restaurant, Lido Beach, dinner at my place with PatrĂ­cia, Cam and Melissa. Then it was down to South Beach, straight to the Frisky Radio party where 16-bit Lolitas and Pole Folder spun, then over to Cafeteria to see Quivver (whose track “Brothers and Sisters” is included in ariz0na’s latest set; skip to 46:30), back to the Frisky party, where John Digweed and DJ Chloe stopped by to hang out, then over to the beach. That’s Wed night; we were in South Beach through Saturday (pictures from Saturday’s Ultra Music Festival to be added after I get them developed).
With the captions I’ve tried to at least make it clear where I was. Comments welcome; the complete story can be found in my high-level outline.
Recommended listening: John Digweed’s Transitions podcast.

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