Word of the day: Encyclical

I learned a new word today: Encyclical. Apparently it’s a letter from the Pope to the Catholic church, or the bishops, giving a personal treatment on some topic. Just thought I’d mention it, since I’d never heard of it, and the stories I read were taking it for granted that I knew what it meant.
Apparently, the new Pope likes sex. Who’d thunk it? Update: Turns out it’s in that Pope-y kind of way after all. Well, you can’t win all the time.





4 responses to “Word of the day: Encyclical”

  1. Hilary Avatar

    I’ve got another word for you “boondoggle”.An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity. A braided leather cord worn as a decoration especially by Boy Scouts. A cord of braided leather, fabric, or plastic strips made by a child as a project to keep busy. intr.v. boonádogágled, boonádogágling, boonádogágles To waste time or money on a boondoggle.So with your word, “Why is the Pope boondoggling instead of writing that Encyclical?”

  2. Krishen Avatar

    Nice! I hadn’t heard the braided definition before.Another good one is “bamboozled”:bamábooázle P Pronunciation Key (bm-bzl)tr.v. Informal bamábooázled, bamábooázling, bamábooázlesTo take in by elaborate methods of deceit; hoodwink.

  3. Krishen Avatar

    “Don’t let him bamboozle you into buying that boondoggle!”

  4. neil Avatar

    wes’side g-funk reprahzent asterizk!!!

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