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Sorry for the lack of updates — between work and Ultimate I’ve pretty much exhausted all the energy I’ve got. And I should clarify, not just playing Ultimate, helping to organize a league of it. I’m in charge of the cashflow, and let me tell you, I’ve got a receipt book, balance sheet, savings account and everything. Brings me right back to Business Ed 10. Ha. 🙂 This all came about because the previous organizer decided to take a season off, so along with another player, we decided to get things rolling again. The first game was this past Thursday; attendance was a bit low but I expect that to pick up over the next couple weeks as word gets out that things are actually happening.
And of course the challenges continue at work. I’m working with Apache Tomcat/JSP/Javascript and Ajax, and boy howdy, put them together in the right way and… well, the potential is huge. Nice to pick up a few new technologies; not so much fun to do it under a deadline, but hey it can’t be all downhill all the time. Next week’s going to be tight.
Those 80s pictures from last week were from Helen‘s incognito birthday party; there’s actually an album up now.
Tuesday night I had Patricia and Yawen over for a movie at my place; we watched Wong Kar Wai‘s Ashes of Time; a good story, I think, but I’m really going to have to watch it again, because not only was it non-linear, but also, sometimes the subtitles whizzed by too quickly to read, or were too wide to fit on the screen.
Thursday night, I played Ultimate for close to four hours. I played again today for another two, this time with the college kids (Joe, Cameron, Ben, Phil, Dan, Roland and co). I used to play pickup with them when they were still in high school. Now they can all outplay me any day of the week. But a great, talented, humble bunch. Ton of fun. I have shin splints.
Last night Jeff had a few of us over for a goodbye BBQ for my coworker Allison, who’s returning to Cape Cod. I’m super sad to see her go; her sense of humor and world view is simply great. Jeff has a couple of pictures up of the aftermath.
Tonight I watched another of Kar Wai’s films, The Days of Being Wild, a beautiful piece about how people deal with their inadequacies, and how the choices you make affects those around you, whether you know it or not. It’s actually part one of a quasi-trilogy, the second and third parts being In The Mood for Love and 2046.
And with that I bid you good night. Sleep well and stay shiny!


  1. RE: Ashes of Time
    Perhaps you should have watched with me?! Someone who speaks and understand Cantonese? There is also a sad story related to the movie, the leading actor Leslie Cheung had killed himself about a year ago due to depression; He jumped out of the window of HK Mandarin Oriental Hotel. And a few months after his death, Anita Mui which had been in many great films with Leslie, die of Ovarian Cancer. Very sad. I grew up watching them perform as an actor/actress and singers. It is like Princess Diana’s death to British people, very memorable to me.

  2. I could be wrong, but I think In the Mood for Love is the first trilogy althought it was made later. See it is set in the 1950s, The Days of Being Wild is in 1980s and 2046 is in the future.

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