Back in Sarasota!

[picture: southern tip of vancouver island]
The southern-most tip of Vancouver Island — Victoria, BC, Canada
Made it back okay! Well, there, I’m covered, visa-wise, for another year. Phew, glad to have all that taken care of. Now, I only need to remember to renew my driver’s license and pay my rent (both of which I’m worried I will forget).
Snapped a few photos here and there during the trip *grin*, should have ’em up shortly. In the meantime, check out Jim, Julie, Davin, and RichAndChrissie.
Now time for ze sleep!

In Vic

well, i made it!!! now, i’m just trying to get in touch with people. it’s too bad you can’t just rent a cell phone, for, like, a day. this is the one time i’d really LOVE to have one.
oh, and in other news, mark farina is off! reasons: (1) he’s not actually part of kube (which is cancelled this week) (2) it’s going to be expensive (doesn’t really matter to me since i’m making THE BIG BUX now, but it would suck for everyone else i’d like to bring with me 😉 and (3) i really just wanted to go dancing, and from what i can tell it’s not really going to be that kind of night…
ideas so far:
any of you actually been to either? i’d really like to check out “how to build an airplane”, looks pretty fun. 🙂

To Victoria

Hey guys! My flight is leaving Tampa, FL just a little after 3:10am PST; I should be arriving in Victoria shortly after 4:10pm PST, but not before hitting Seattle and Philly first.
Cam and his wife Melissa are now officially insane — they’re getting up at 2:45 tomorrow morning (that’s 11:45pm PST today for you west-coasters) to drive me 65 miles to airport. How totally super sweet is that? Big thank-you guys, I don’t know what I’d do without you.
Anyways! Nap time. See all you Vic folks soon!

Alive and well

Just a quick note to let you know I’m alive and well. Just got back from Cam’s — where Melissa cooked Cam and I a wonderful dinner (including just-baked chocolate fudge and ice-cream). We then killed brain cells by attempting to figure out if it’s possible to get more than 99 lives in Super Mario Bros on a vintage SuperNES (actually, it was mostly just Melissa doing that — Cam and I only influenced the man-count in the negative direction; the answer is “no”), and then listening to all eight versions of Marizpan’s answering machine.
So yeah. In case you missed it, today was kind of busy in Macland. Don’t know what all the hub-bub is about? Check out the WWDC keynote stream (or read the recap). And yeah, Cam, Melissa and I did manage to get up to Tampa to see it live via satellite. It was pretty cool! Took some snaps, will be posting them later today (left my camera at work last night).
Have a good morning!

Happy Solstice!

[picture: palm fan in Myakka River State Park]
A fan palm in Myakka River State Park. Download one for your desktop: 800×600, 1024×768, 1280×960, 1600×1200.
I’m nursing a stubbed toe on my right foot. It’s the middle one. The wall came outta nowhere and hit it. I’ve been icing it in an attempt to keep the swelling down. Don’t know what the wall’s problem is. Think I might kick it to show it who’s boss. My toe hurt so much last night, it hurt just to be awake. So I went to bed early. I’ve got ample supplies of acetaminophen and ibuprofen in my Ultimate bag, but I didn’t take either. Unless the pain is extreme, I don’t like being tricked into thinking I’m okay when I’m not. Your nerves fire for a reason, right?
It’s been a rain-filled weekend. Take a look at this video of me trying to leave the house to buy snacks. Eventually I made it.
Is it so wrong to have Doritos and Coke for breakfast?
Speaking of this weekend, it was the summer solstice yesterday. Go take a look at the Girlrepair homework assignment. (As of this writing, it’s the second entry down from the top, “20 june 2003”). I got up at 6am Saturday to snap my contribution.
I’ve had a terrible time getting the time and/or motivating myself to write lately. But the rain is changing that. So what’s happened in the past couple of days?
Late Thursday night I saw the specs of Apple‘s new PowerMac G5s get leaked by none other than Apple itself. Rumor has it these machines are supposed to be announced tomorrow at Apple’s annual software developer’s conference, WWDC. (Cam and I are hoping to drive up to Apple Store International Plaza in Tampa to watch the keynote.)
Friday, watched The Hulk with Ron and Jeff. I haven’t read any reviews on it yet, but I’ve heard from a few people that the critics hate it. I thought it was good, with the caveat that (director) Ang Lee’s stamp is all over it. There were a few too many “interesting” transitions between scenes. Usually I don’t mind this kind of thing, but there were so many, it just got kind of annoying. But it’s a good story (with hints at, but divergent from Romeo and Juliet) and co-stars Jennifer Connelly. Honestly, what more does one need?
Afterward, met up with Kim and her friend Miranda from Orlando (or, as Kim would say, “another of her O-town bitches”) got a bit tipsy and watched Kim practice her “come hither” tongue. Good fun.
So guess what? Work is flying me back to Canada for a couple of days so I can renew my TN-Visa! If you’re in Victoria and free between 4:30pm on Thursday and 4:30am Sunday next week, let me know, I’d love to meet up one way or another. So far, the plan is to catch Mark Farina at Kube on Friday.
Anyhow, hope you had a fantastic weekend, I know I did.
UPDATE, 11:55pm: Was chatting with Hilary over instant messenger, and she said she’d like to see the original of today’s pic. Here it is, enjoy 🙂
[picture: original myakka fan palm pic]

Go go go!

Haven’t had a moment to myself in ages! Hopefully I’ll have a little more time this evening, after I get back from work.
update, 3:15am: Or maybe not! My bed is looking awfully inviting right about now. How about a picture instead?
[picture: goyourownway]

Wet wet wet

[picture: bamboo open for business sign]
Above, that’s the front entrance to Bamboo, the place I mentioned in the last entry. Jeff asked me what the food was like.
[picture: bamboo grilled cheese]
Doesn’t look like much, until you consider this is what they brought me when I asked for “grilled cheese”.
Got hit HARD by rain and thunder during Ultimate practice tonight. It was threatening to rain for the last half hour of play, and when we finally decided to call the game off, I swear all twelve of us were in our cars in under two minutes. And not a moment too soon. This stuff just dumped! It was only raining for about 15 seconds before I was in my car, but I drove home completely soaked. Even with the wipers on high, I could barely see. Note to self: apply Rain-X Windshield Wax. Watched lightning hit the Comcast tower three times in one second during the drive home. Think that’s the first time I’ve actually seen lightning hit something other than the ground. I’ve seen lots of lightning, but this was pretty shocking, actually.
Got some more thunder for you! Just audio this time. There are two main booms in the mp3. The first runs into the second, and the second has a long, low frequency rumble.
Have a listen.
Did you notice that during the second boom, nearly all the sound of the rain disappeared? Weird! The rain certainly didn’t stop. Anyone know what’s going on there?

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