Hi there, my name is Krishen, and I’m a software developer in sunny Sarasota, FL.  A former resident of the Great White North (but the sunny part), I enjoy taking pictures, good food, electronica, dancing and Ultimate Frisbee.  This is my log of daily happening/tidbits or anything else I find interesting.  Contact me: blog@krishengreenwell.com.


  1. Hi Krishen!! I believe I am related to your family thru Helen Dale Greenwell..wife of Jack Brysson Greenwell. My grandfather was Dr. George Dale’s (Helen’s father)brother..Dr. Clarence M. (Mac) Dale. I have many pictures and info if your family is interested!! My email is.. srdale56@gmail.com. I live in central Oregon. Hope to hear from you.

    Steve Dale

  2. Hi Steve! I will put you in touch with my father — he’s researching the Greenwell family tree and has gone back quite a few generations– maybe we can find a connection! Thanks for reaching out 🙂

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