Photogroffee Dec 2005: Diptych

I learned yesterday from Dan it’s pronounced “dip-tick”, not “dip-titch”. In any case, a diptych is a pair of photos or paintings which complement each other in some way. That is, add something to each other. Diptychs were the theme of this year’s Photogroffee, and to that end, after loading up on caffeine, we set out to Malahat to investigate the old cement factory in Bamberton.
But, shortly after arriving we were told — in not so few words — to leave before charges were pressed. And so, we left, locationless. We found our way to Shawnigan Lake, and after enjoying some delicious soup at a local cafe, we discovered the perfect location was right under our collective nose. We just needed to look closer πŸ™‚
The actual diptyches (dipti?) I took can be found here.
Here are some “metagroffee” shots πŸ™‚
Davin points at the Jim-superstang
Gurton and Alison set up their white balance while Derek adjusts his caffeine level
A closeup of Alison’s new camera. Jealous!
Jim gets crazy
The Canadian Pacific Railway lays down the law.
Derek and Alison walk down the Secret Staircase
Davin just got soaked here
Derek gets a shot of the river
Davin (around the corner), Gurton, Alison, Jim
Gurton takes a nap
Industrial product
Turf wars
Jim. It’s blue, because the shot was white-balanced off the yellow of his jacket
Derek, Alison, Davin


So this past Monday was MegaGreenwell (a term which Davin coined meaning “annual family reunion on my Dad’s side on Boxing Day” which I think I’ll keep πŸ™‚ This time it was in Langley.
We stopped by Auntie Adita and Uncle Harry’s for lunch en route, which was great.. not only did we have a great meal and enjoy each other’s company, we got to listen to some fabulously cheesy disco music Anand dug up in Auntie Adita’s collection (“Streetlife!”) πŸ™‚
Uncle Harry
Me and my cousin Tara geeking out
Cousin Marisa
Uncle Harry and Anand
Tara, Mom and Me
Every year MegaGreenwell rotates to a different relative. This year it was at Janice and Darryl’s. It was great to see all those familiar faces again. Everyone told me I had a tan, which was baffling because when I look in the mirror I don’t see a tan at all — but I think that’s probably because I’ve forgotten what it looks like to not have a tan. πŸ˜€ .
Uncle Bill
Elizabeth and Anand compare shots. Digital cameras were everywhere this year.
Auntie Carole
Jadelyn, Cheyanne, Elizabeth and Davin
Liz, Uncle Steve, Uncle Bill, and Dad
Grandpa’s right in the fray
Uncle Bill can’t get enough basketball
A long but fun day πŸ™‚ Hopefully to be repeated next year πŸ™‚

First look

So… it’s been a relaxing trip so far! The first night I got in around 9pm — a little chit-chat and then right to bed. Going east to west always works out well for me, as it means I can go to bed at a reasonable hour and make an early start of the following day.
Cam at the Atlanta Bread Company, shortly before dropping me at the Sarasota airport.
PatrÒ€ℒcia and me
My flight was from Sarasota-Atlanta-Salt Lake City-Vancouver; this is somewhere between Salt Lake and Vancouver. That’s clouds in the valley between the mountains; what an amazing thing to be so high above them.
I took the ferry from Vancouver to Swartz Bay.
On the ferry I ran into Trina, an old lab partner from my terrestrial plant ecology course at UVic.
I also ran into Jane (center), a coworker from my UVic, and her friend/coworker Elena too.
Neil, Dad, Mom and I went for a walk through Mount Doug and up the Galloping Goose Trail. We saw a lot of wildlife!
No snow, but it was cold enough to keep a little frost around. Photo by Neil.
Neil and Dad examine their photos.
Mom enjoys her tea πŸ™‚

20 mins to go…

And I leave the house. Cam is picking me up, and PatrÒ€ℒcia is coming along to see me off. So cool. Thank you both. πŸ™‚ We’re going for breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company, then it’s off to the Sarasota airport for my 8:15am flight! I’m so excited.. just 13 hours and I’ll be back in Victoria πŸ™‚


Just got back from the Tampa Lightning-Toronto Maple Leafs game, which I went to with Melissa, Darren, Cam and Joe. Big thanks to Darren for picking up the tickets, which were a mind-blowing $17.50. $17.50 for an NHL game! Of course they were nose-bleeds, but still. Seems like an incredible deal to me. Anyone here know what Canuck nosebleeds cost?
I’m sure Cam will have pics for me to link to soon. πŸ™‚ Incidentally Tampa ended up winning 2-1.
Update, 4:15pm: The pics have arrived. πŸ™‚

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