Dark Water

I watched Dark Water last night. If you like Hitchcockian thrillers in the vein of Vertigo, rent it. Apart from a couple of moments that made me say “what? as if that would happen!”, it was a very enjoyable 105 minutes. The pacing was good, and the fear of protagonist Dahlia (played by the ever-beautiful Jennifer Connelly) was palpable. Not a fan of the ending, which seemed a bit grafty, but it doesn’t take much away from an otherwise great film. Put out the light for maximum effect. 7.5/10.

Two dollar photo

I’ve been cooped-up inside all week, so when PatrĂ­cia asked if I’d like to check out a photo gallery downtown I had no hesitation. Well, except for the making-lunch-and-getting-a-haircut hesitation. But none after that. On a side note, ahhh… it feels so good to have short hair. It’s what I’d quantify as “hot as hell” outside.
[picture: IMG_8830.jpg]
Hanging out with the locals at the gallery. Photo by PatrĂ­cia.

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