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January 26, 2011


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ActionPotato in the Mac App Store

January 21, 2011

Turn on Line Numbers in Visual Studio

They're off by default. In VS2008 or 2010, turn them on like this.

How to Run a Windows Batch Script without a DOS shell window

Just put the below text in a file named whatever with extension ".vbs", replace "test.bat" with the path of the batch script you want to run, save, then double-click the .vbs file and voila! Faceless batch script execution.

' This script runs a batch file in the background.
' From http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-364530.php
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
cmds=WshShell.RUN("test.bat", 0, True)
Set WshShell = Nothing

January 17, 2011

Arrested Development - Season 1, Episode 1


Hello all. Been a little while. Just signed up for the Netflix 1-month-free trial. Part of the spoils? Lots of TV series. One of those? Arrested Development, a series I have have heard so much about but have not seen, apart from one episode, in season I don't know what, that I did not understand.

I just watched the pilot, so I wanted to jot down some first impressions:

  • Fast paced
  • Witty dialog
  • Dark humor
  • Thought-out backstory is evident
  • David Cross is very funny. He plays unemployed, wanna-be actor Tobias F√ľnke
  • Michael Cera when he was small! Plays George Michael
  • Jason Bateman's character = Michael Bluth = only sane one of the bunch
  • Will Arnett is cast perfectly as Michael's older brother George 'Gob' Bluth II, a failed magician

Tobias on the gay protest boat by accident was ridiculous. Michael and George Michael living in the attic of the demo model house is really funny. The pilot ended with a teaser for the next episode: George Michael daydreaming about getting it on with his cousin, and Gob applying for the real estate position Michael declined by demonstrating his magic skills. Come on, what kind of pilot would do that? Obviously this show is not messing around. On to the next episode!