First iTMS purchase

So today I made my first iTunes Music Store purchase: Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy. Mark this day on your calendar!
What is the iTunes Music Store (iTMS)? Well, it’s a kind of “virtual record shop”, allowing you to browse, preview and purchase songs over the internet. There are no subscription fees: tracks cost 99 cents each, or an entire album is $9.99 (with a few exceptions). There’s biographical information for most artists, and in the spirit of’s “customers which bought x also bought y” thing, the iTMS lists related items, which makes exploring new music really easy, fun even.
Unfortunately the iTMS is not yet available in Canada, but that could change soon. Canada is a much better position than Europe, which probably won’t see the iTMS until at least this spring. Europe is far trickier, with many more labels/record companies to work out deals with individually.
Previously, iTunes has been Mac-only, but with last Thursday’s release of iTunes for Windows, Apple introduced a new feature into the iTMS: Celebrity Playlists. Wherein commoners get to view the favorite choons of select famous people. I spotted the Massive Attack track while browsing Moby’s list (requires iTunes). Can’t believe the track is 10 years old! I purchased it using part of a $10 gift certificate Sarah sent me as a belated birthday present. Thanks Sarah! 😀
I have one problem with the store: it’s waaaay too easy to just keep on buying music. Guess that’s why some folks have dubbed the iTMS “iCrack”. 🙂