Happy Birthday, Mom!

I think I shall be giving Mom a call tonight. Perhaps we’ll set up the iSight and do a video conference! ๐Ÿ™‚
So the Edmonton Oilers did end up getting their collective booty kicked by the Canucks on Saturday after all. Booyeah!
Spend a bit of yesterday cleaning up, then drove up to G.T. Bray park for a little pickup Ultimate action. A funny thing happened while we were warming up on the soccer fields. We could *hear* rain pelting the roofs of the houses that were lining the field (only a couple hundred metres away), but we weren’t being rained on! It was the strangest thing!
We put our equipment back in our cars and took cover under the trees. The rain continued for a while, and some of the folks who were local decided to call it a day and left. Six of us — Cam, myself, Sonia, Scotty, Amy and John — decided to stay and play “hot box” in the rain. It’s sort of like half-court Ultimate — instead of endzones at either end of the field, there’s a single, small square (the “hot box”) in the middle of your field. And your field is no longer a rectangle, it’s a big square (we played 30 paces x 30 paces). The goal is to pass the disc to your teammate in the hotbox. After a point, you retain possession and have to “take the disc out” — that is, pass to your teammates until you leave the bounds of the bigger, enclosing square. Then you “work it back in” — pass to your teammates — toward the hotbox. Possession works as in Ultimate, changing hands when the disc touches the ground (either by an incomplete pass or an interception). We played for about 2 hours, and holy cow, I don’t think I’ve been that tired in *months*. Hot box is a physically intense game — even more so than Ultimate — because play doesn’t stop after you score a point!

Getting into the Hallowe’en spirit: Sonia and Eric’s “Devil Dog” Melvin.
Anyways… afterwards Cam, myself, Sonia and Eric went out to a nice Italian restaurant, Jonny Carino’s for a bite to eat. We had a good time, I think I’ll be going back.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! ๐Ÿ™‚