I sure hope this was the wrong number

Message received at 12:16pm today from 816-545-xxxx.
[british accent]: Hi this is, uh, Graham, I’m a web manager from Gateway.com and we received an order for five 600 XLs. Ah, I just wanted to let you know that, um, obviously we’ve been out to the website and we checked the pricing on here, it’s still showing as thirty-one ninety-nine, uhm, and somehow, uh the price on here has been manipulated to thirty-*one* ninety-nine, as opposed to, um, thirty-*one hundred* dollars and ninety-nine. Um, and so, uh your total for that should be.. um, a lot more uh, than is showing on the order, as I’m sure you.. well know. Your subtotal will be fifteen-thousand nine hundred and ninety five; there would be no shipping on it, so if you wanna to give me a call back, the number is 816-545-xxxx we’ll go ahead and process this. Um, as it is right now, if you want to cancel the order, then please give me a call back. Thanks, bye.
End of message