Mote, Omelets and Shark Teeth

Jellyfish at Mote
Had a great weekend — spent Saturday wandering around town looking for a costume for a little Hallowe’en party known as Boofest 2004. It was great. Ron and company over at Boo Bros once again did a deadly job. Cam has his pictures up already, go have a look! I will have mine up soon, probably later tomorrow (Monday) evening.
Speaking of pictures, it would appear that part two of my San Diego photos have disappeared into the ether! I took them during my guided tour of San Diego too, so that’s a little disappointing. 🙁 But who knows, maybe they’ll turn up somewhere. Instead, I offer you my pictures from last weekend’s trip to Mote 🙂
Today the apartment complex made everyone a free breakfast — omelets, fruit, coffee and pastries — a tasty way to wake up!

Melissa shows off her plate of olives… there’s an omelet in there too somewhere
And I spent the rest of the day with Cam, Melissa, Darren, Patricia and Ines at Venice Beach looking for shark teeth. And boy did we find them 🙂 We pooled our findings together and by the end of the day we must have found 25 teeth! Think I might be a little sunburnt though 😀

Trying desperately not to squint